#COVID-19 Actuaries on Deaths, Excess deaths and the Government’s use of statistics


Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 05.12.58For months the COVID-19 actuaries bit their lips, knowing that COVID-19 deaths were being under reported. It was in the pubic interest for them not to challenge Government.

Now there appears to be a much smaller amount of over-reporting of COVID deaths and the Government is calling the reporting of daily figures unreliable. The COVID-19 actuaries are unhappy. This is what they are saying on social media


The relative arguments


There has been noise since Friday about the unreliability of daily #COVID19 death figures in England, following recent news about over-registering of deaths. It doesn’t really change anything. In our latest bulletin ‘Deaths, #ExcessDeaths and #Statistics’   John Roberts and Matthew Edwards re-state our belief that the metric of excess deaths is the most reliable way of gauging the pandemic’s impact.

Hence, nothing has changed – it remains the case that over 60,000 have (very likely) died from COVID-19.

But, although the ‘quantitative’ aspect is almost immaterial, we are concerned that the ‘qualitative’ aspect – of reduced #publictrust in the numbers, or Government advice – may have unwarranted consequences.

With thanks also to Stuart McDonald for review and support.

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