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2-0 : a life framing evening

I think my earliest memory is of watching the World Cup Final in 1966. I would have been four and I remember the room, the excitement and my Mum and Dad’s happiness. 55 years on, I am anticipating getting a … Continue reading

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Are the excess deaths in 2020 just a ‘shortfall’ from 2019

By Richard Marshall COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group – Learn. Share. Educate. Influence. Summary It has been suggested that the severity of COVID-19 in the UK is partly due to the low mortality in 2019, when we experienced a “shortfall” in … Continue reading

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“Be fast. Have no regrets. You must be the first mover”.

  “Fast moving actuary” was once the title of a gossip column in Professional Pensions. It’s an intentional oxymoron, the actuary’s stock in trade is prudence – standing back. But “with a pandemic you can never act too early” and … Continue reading

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For you, my friend, drawdown is over- the chimera of freedom

This article is about collective pensions, it’s not technical, anyone can read it and – I hope- enjoy it. I wrote it after discussing pensions with my landlady at my Munich hotel. My friend Abraham has it in a nutshell. … Continue reading

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“Greeks bearing no gifts” -Eamonn O’Connor on the power of a “pair of two’s”.

My friend Eamonn O’Connor, who is busy setting up City Noble, had time to share this little nugget. Far too subtle for this blog and a pearl before the Plowman’s swine Eamonn! Plenty of posturing in Euroland at present:  the … Continue reading

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Performance enhancing rugs

News is coming in that Wayne Rooney has tested positive for a performance enhancing rug.  His magnificent header from all of 6 inches crowned another fab night’s footie in Ukrania. And this in a game that but for Capello’s pleading, our … Continue reading

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What will Europe do to our pensions?

Europe will, given half a chance, screw up our pensions. I don’t want that to happen. Well done Cameron for digging in your heels.

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What price certainty?

                                The cost of certainty changes in proportion to the amount of certainty. The more flexible your guarantee, the more it’s going to cost you. I … Continue reading

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The man from OECD says “guess”

It’s a sobering time for those involved in pensions policy and for those who are trying to advise companies and people in how to organises their finances to meet their retirement income needs. One thing people don’t want to do is guess. They … Continue reading

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You don’t make friends with salad

Now we know- I was right, my Mum was wrong and angry organomums at Sainsburys are terrorists. Continue reading

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