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Were the French mis-sold retirement?

It was the great promise of my youth, that if I worked and saved, it could all be over by 60 with the rest of my life to play. Childish maybe – but we were told that technology would set … Continue reading

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How did you enjoy the game?

The joys and trauma of being on the losing side in a world cup final are not known to those who support home country sides (unless you are a pensioner with a long memory). Jo Cumbo took off to Paris … Continue reading

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Why losing to France did not seem quite so bad.

Queen Mary claimed that Calais would be found engraved upon her heart and for most England football fans, excerpts from the 57 years of hurt since 1966, are engraved upon our psyche. Losing in the world cup is as much … Continue reading

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We’ve gotta horse!

    The Pension PlayPen is putting together a band of brothers/sisters to buy one and a half legs of a young German racehorse. The horse is called Moonlight Camp which should satisfy on a number of diversity grounds. But … Continue reading

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Henley Royal Regatta – Warren Muggleton’s take

As some readers will know, the Pension PlayPen was on the river last week, including a day with the Muggletons! Warren¬†(pictured in the blue blazer), is a budding sports journalist so I’m pleased to feature this account of his Henley. … Continue reading

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What happened in Paris makes me want to win peace – not war!

In Paris there has been a massacre. Every week in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and in many African countries, there are massacres. In Syria, every day is a day of massacres. Massacres of people whose lives are as important as our … Continue reading

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As I seem to spend most of this weekend commuting from Central London to Eton on trains running through Twickenham, I have not been able to avoid the rugby world cup. I now know that West London is populated  entirely by Kiwis, Boks and Aussies … Continue reading

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“Greeks bearing no gifts” -Eamonn O’Connor on the power of a “pair of two’s”.

My friend Eamonn O’Connor, who is busy setting up City Noble, had time to share this little nugget. Far too subtle for this blog and a pearl before the Plowman’s swine Eamonn! Plenty of posturing in Euroland at present: ¬†the … Continue reading

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What a match! England v France #sixnations

  https://twitter.com/pensionlawyeruk/status/429651442501451776 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bI3_UxrgINU   Yesterday’s Six Nations thriller , narrowly won by France in the closing minutes, will go down as an all-time great. No need to rehearse the details, Tom Fordyce’s match report for the BBC does very nicely. … Continue reading

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I like this England Football Team

When you look across the banners at England games, you see the names of Grimsby, Exeter , Crewe and Nottingham Forest, teams that supporters do not expect to be winning much next year. Those supporters follow their teams not for … Continue reading

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