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What happened in Paris makes me want to win peace – not war!

In Paris there has been a massacre. Every week in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and in many African countries, there are massacres. In Syria, every day is a day of massacres. Massacres of people whose lives are as important as our … Continue reading

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Why we were right to say “no” to Syrian intervention

This article is by Ian Shilling and it can also be found at!/2013/08/action-in-syria-what-would-it-achieve.html ; I blog it because within it are contrarian views that are not being aired on the radio or TV or in our national papers. When … Continue reading

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Imaginary terror exposed

The decision by the House of Commons not to agree (even in principle) to Britain’s military intervention in Syria was surprising and uplifting. There will be three immediate consequences. 1. We will not open yet another front on the war … Continue reading

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Hand wringing over Poland and Syria

I’m fed up with myself for wringing my hands over genocide in Syria and racism in Poland. I listen to the radio, watch web images and well up with anger that these things are happening. My anger is useless, I … Continue reading

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“Our weapon is the camera”

Perhaps the measure of political control in Libya is calibrated by fear.
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