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How about taking a steer from Australia (guest blog from Ralph Frank)

  Australia introduced compulsory workplace retirement saving, the ‘Superannuation Guarantee’ (“Super”), in 1992.  The resulting Super system is largely Defined Contribution (“DC”) in nature and has many parallels with Automatic Enrolment in the UK.  Consequently, the Super system might be … Continue reading

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Time-Cost will prevail

That “it’s all about payroll stupid!” has become one of the axioms of auto-enrolment strategy. It’s a truism you hear mouthed by people who sell pensions but I’ve not hear many in payroll return the compliment! “It’s all about pensions” … Continue reading

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Standard Life’s IGC’s annual report; deceptively good!

The Standard Life Independent Governance Committee’s Chair, Rene Poisson, published his first annual report yesterday, you can read it here either in summary or in its full 40 pages. Most will read the summary but for those interested in product … Continue reading

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“PENTECH” slashes the cost of pension advice

Over the weekend I heard a mortgage broker talk about automated mortgage underwriting as “mortech” and as Investec grabbed the technology high ground some years ago, I’m going to lay claim to “PENTECH” for I’m proud that what was … Continue reading

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Radical proposals to tell us what our pension’s worth

This is one of those blogs (good though it is) where the comments are a whole lot better! Please come for the blog and stay for the comments. This might be a good time to sign up to comment yourself, your views … Continue reading

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Insurance brokers – don’t get left behind!

  Here are the five things you should know about auto-enrolment – if you’re an insurance broker. Insurance brokers are no more exempt from auto-enrolment regulations than any other company Every insurance broker with “eligible jobholders” needs to set up … Continue reading

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Dele makes me proud to be English!

  What better way to celebrate being English than through the performance of our three major national teams. Over the past ten days, I have watched English sides win the Grand Slam at the six nations rugby, qualify for the … Continue reading

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Payroll 50 – it’s that damned Dane again!

The man’s a menace, a Viking abroad and moving unfettered through London. Last week he was at it again , sponsoring the Payroll 50 – a loose affiliation of millionaires and squillionaires holed up in a conference centre somewhere west … Continue reading

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A state of funk! Occupational DC and the pension freedoms.

The Pensions Regulator has published an excellent paper outlining the current position of occupational pension schemes towards providing their members with pension freedoms. You can read it here and for its clear language, well developed argument and comprehensive understanding of the … Continue reading

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We all know that when we go on Google or Twitter, certain search results or tweets are promoted. We know that they are at the top of the list because they are market as promoted. The products that lie behind … Continue reading

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