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Dad’s army could’ve done a better job!

Until quite recently, the main sources of financial advice for small businesses were the accountant and the bank manager. The BOE’s Andy Haldane’s comments about the complexity of pensions look back to a day when these intermediaries were trusted “The … Continue reading

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“PENTECH” slashes the cost of pension advice

Over the weekend I heard a mortgage broker talk about automated mortgage underwriting as “mortech” and as Investec grabbed the technology high ground some years ago, I’m going to lay claim to “PENTECH” for http://www.pensionplaypen.com. I’m proud that what was … Continue reading

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Endorsements and the creep of the middleman

  There is a problem in financial services with “intermediation”. It’s a horrible word! But putting that aside, there is a temptation for every Tom, Dick and Harriet to stand between the customer and the investment. Pension PlayPen is of … Continue reading

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