Payroll 50 – it’s that damned Dane again!


The Damnable Dane – at it again!

The man’s a menace, a Viking abroad and moving unfettered through London. Last week he was at it again , sponsoring the Payroll 50 – a loose affiliation of millionaires and squillionaires holed up in a conference centre somewhere west of Earls Court.

The Damnable Dane is Carsten Staehr, if you know him not – he is “tieless in laughter” (Miltonic). The CEO of Cintra, the best thing to come out of Gateshead.

Thanks to Jerome and Chris for behaving properly. No prizes for guessing why I fled to Blackfriars shortly after this photo was taken, I imagine the Dover Street Wine Bar was a scene of destruction later in the evening.

Well done to Payroll , your new owners maintain the brilliant balance between professionalism and high spirits that characterises your excellent organ. #pwconf was another triumph!

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