Dele makes me proud to be English!

dele Allie 2

Dele’s Mum Denise


What better way to celebrate being English than through the performance of our three major national teams.

Over the past ten days, I have watched English sides win the Grand Slam at the six nations rugby, qualify for the semi-finals of the cricket world cup and beat the winners of the world cup in Berlin.

We’ve won with spirit and our teams have looked happy and well lead. In case anyone worries about a little Englander mentality, they should see how many of our team’s players can trace their descent from Africa, the West Indies and Asia, if we’ve made it on a wing and a prayer, Insha’Allah.

Dele Allie

I am English with a quarter Irish and a love of the Welsh and the Scottish. I can’t disguise my delight at being both English and British, I will support a British team in tennis and a British squad at the Olympics, but just as the pride of Scotland is Andy Murray, the pride of Wales Gareth Bale, then the pride of England is Dele Allie.

Dele was born only 19 years ago to his  Mum Denise who gave custody of him away when he was 13 as she became incapable through alcoholism. He has gone on to become the most exciting midfielder we’ve seen since Steven Gerrard, perhaps since Brian Robson.

If there is any moronic twerp left in this country who cannot see the value Allie is delivering as a role model, then they don’t understand sport or love our beautiful game. And if they feel that we we’d be better off with no social services , or that we should give up on broken families or that opportunity’s only for those with a public school education then get this.

Dele Ali’s Dad left his Mum soon after he was born and now lives in the States, Dele’s Mum gave up Dele to give him a better chance with another family and Dele made it to where he is because of the plastics (MK Dons), because of his Mum (who seems to have got her life back on track) and because of the Hickfords , who helped him out when things were bad at home.

dele Allie 1

Every Dad would be proud



In fact I’m as proud that Dele is representing me as I can be. The information in this article came from the Sun and so did the picture up top.

This is not to put down rugby or cricket or our teams that are doing so well, but Alli chose to play football (he played rugby too) and for good reason, he’s brilliant. When Eric Dier knocked in that third goal, he not only won us the match but he let Dele off the hook for the shot he blazed over with the goal at his mercy.

Anyone who has ever missed an open goal will know how grateful Dele must be, and for him to be helped out by his young team-mate (and by Kane’s earlier goal) must make the Tottenham dressing room a good place to be.

But this is not just about Tottenham, Kane’s partner.  James Vardy , came from a non league side to play in Red and White and when not in an England shirt is competing with the Tottenham lads for the Premiership with – say it with amazement – Leicester!

For all the millions of sponsorship , the wage bills and the chaotic lifestyles, football remains a sport that everyone enjoys , that brings us all together and makes me proud to be English.

Dele Allie 3

Dele’s first goal for his country




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  1. Gerry Flynn says:

    Try qualifying for the T20 World Cup semi-final not rugby.

  2. henry tapper says:

    good spot Gerry, now changed- wasn’t so proud of our rugby world cup performance but now under new management we seem to be a happier bunch

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