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The Mail exploits pension saver’s ignorance – who’s fault is that?

There is a lot wrong with this article, but one thing that is right is that performance matters and matters to the people who are using workplace pensions. If it didn’t matter, the Mail would not publish articles like this, … Continue reading

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Uber called to parliament about its workplace pension.

NEW: A senior Uber executive is to be quizzed by MPs in the UK who are probing the UK’s #pension savings’ crisis. Jamie Heywood, Regional General Manager for Northern Europe at Uber, will appear before a parliamentary committee next Wednesday … Continue reading

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Three quarters of Uber workers are muslim; they have no Sharia investment option.

People reading this headline will be entitled to ask, how did that happen? Workplace pensions are chosen by employers, or in the case of Uber, by their “workplace solutions” provider. Did Uber choose NOW Pensions or did Uber follow Adecco? … Continue reading

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Small pot consolidation – Ockham’s Razor is out!

I suppose it is impossible to deliver any document to Government which is the output of the PLSA, ABI without it being 70 pages and late in delivery. The document that trundled over the line yesterday was called THE SMALL … Continue reading

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How DC consolidation can benefit DC members

  Like Climate Change, Pension Consolidation isn’t something theoretical, it’s happening and at a great pace. I remember when DB transfers were at their peak (2018) people talking about what was to come. It had come and before the regulators … Continue reading

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Pot consolidation doesn’t need alchemy – it needs common purpose and leadership

  The case for Government intervention on “small pots” is made very well by Dirk Paterson It is indeed time for Government intervention, but the choices are many and each has its issues. The danger of relying on Government intervention … Continue reading

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A good day for master trusts

The FT run a scoop this morning, predicting that today the Pensions Regulator will withdraw its proposals to require small DC plans to be run by “professional trustees” and urging¬† that most of the 8000 single occupational trust based DC … Continue reading

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Are DC trustees worth the money?

  It seems churlish to take up your Monday morning with matters of pensions governance, what with the cheers at Lords, Silverstone and Wimbledon sill ringing round the country but I will! My blog yesterday set out the case for … Continue reading

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Now and then.

It all started so well – and ended so sadly. Yesterday NOW’s owner, the Government backed Danish Pension Fund announced it was selling it’s UK master trust to Cardano, the Dutch Fiduciary Manager. NOW were the first organisation to seriously … Continue reading

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How green is my workplace pension?

I hadn’t thought of Grant Thornton as thought leaders in pensions. On Friday I met with an old friend – Sandy Trust to talk about value for money. Well that’s what I thought we’d talk about- but Sandy –¬† canny … Continue reading

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