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Risk sharing – a trouble shared or simply squashed?

What do we mean by risk sharing? My friend Con Keating has criticized me for advocating CDC as a scheme for pensioners only telling me that there is no risk-sharing between a 65 and 95 year old because they have … Continue reading

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What is consolidation doing to DC contribution rates? WTW’s surprising results!

FTSE 350 Defined Contribution Pension Survey 2020 https://t.co/iD5kcNLMfR via @WTW_uk — Henry Tapper (@henryhtapper) July 13, 2021 The collapse in confidence among small pension schemes gathers pace as Corporate Adviser reports. Two-thirds of employers who currently run their own trust-based … Continue reading

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Time for master trusts to take a fresh look at retirement income?

I’m really pleased this blog is getting a lot of reads; I hope some of them are from people who fund , manage and govern our master trusts – our next great pension story! We now have primary legislation in … Continue reading

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Trouble at till …Tesco’s pricing problems are a lesson to us all!

Something’s wrong at Tesco when the offers you see on the shelves don’t show up on your bill. The BBC went shopping and  in 33 of 50 stores visited, multi-buy promotions were marked on the shelf, but the time-limited discounts were not … Continue reading

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If I ran a master trust…

Not all of us run a master trust, though you might think it was Britain’s boom industry from the amount of press “master trust proliferation” has got. This blog is here for those who do, and for those who advise … Continue reading

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Sorting the sheep from the goats

  On Wednesday March 9th, the Work and Pensions Committee met to discuss auto-enrolment. This blog  looks at this conversation in some detail. It concludes that there is an urgent need for Government to clarify what liability there is on an employer … Continue reading

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From source to sea – the consolidation of master trusts

  As part of some work for one of our intermediaries, I’ve been asked to make sense of the smaller master trusts and give a view on which of them are likely to be around in their current form in … Continue reading

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Why I’m backing the master trust assurance framework

Back in May 2014, the Pension Regulator launched on an unsuspecting world the ICAEW’s Technical Release “Assurance reporting on master trusts”. At the time I was dismissive of this document and the Master Trust Assurance Framework (MAF). Write in haste , … Continue reading

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Don’t say I didn’t tell you…

This blog predicted last year and this , that within the first three months of the “pension freedom grant”, there would be a Daily Mail front page telling us that we may be (pension) free – but everywhere we are … Continue reading

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“Beware the mastertrust my son!” 6 reasons to be careful

  Ok. It may not have jaws that bite or claws that clutch or be quite as frightful as the Jubjub bird, but the mastertrust may be no friendlier than Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwock. This is not a trendy thing to … Continue reading

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