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CDC – sharing risk in a bear market

This post is by the author of “launching CDC into a bear market” and again shows how CDC delivers a robust return in a bad times (a bear market). It does so by sharing risk and informs modelling by Aon … Continue reading

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A good day for pensions, a good day for the DC upgrade.

We will know we have a solution when we don’t need guns. Overnight I heard the President of the United States deliver his solution to the gun crisis in American schools. To prevent more mass shootings, Donald Trump suggested that American teachers … Continue reading

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What is CDC and does it matter?

Collective Defined Contribution Schemes (CDC) are back in the news. There are two reasons for this The Workplace and Pensions Committee have set up an enquiry into CDC Royal Mail and the CWU intend to move to a CDC basis … Continue reading

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FCA- Outcomes for DC savers will improve when we resume sharing risk!

The FCA has asked for response to it’s Retirement Outcome review, NEST have shared their response with the FT which reports  NEST saying that, without “the right support structures in place”, it was “extremely concerned” its 5m members may run out … Continue reading

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Pension Risk Sharing – they’re all at it but us!

Japanese CDC is coming @JohnRalfe1 @markjrowlinson @WillJAitken @henryhtapper https://t.co/e9D2UClhBR — Sam Pickford (@pickfos) June 2, 2017 Oh dear! News that the Japanese have gone all defined ambition did not go down well. Infact it went down like Japanese Knotweed at … Continue reading

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Don’t blame us punters for “unadvised drawdown”- give us an alternative!

  Back in 2014, in the lead up to the launch of the pension freedoms, I wrote a blog on the perils of unadvised drawdown. I predicted then , what we see today, a large number of people trying to … Continue reading

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Learning to live from what’s in the (pension) pot

  Today’s the red letter day for the Pension Regulator (and to a lesser extent- the Pension Protection Fund) , when they find themselves under the scrutiny of the DWP Select Committee. In question is the competence and capability of both … Continue reading

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