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Pension risk sharing – a bright idea for Labour

It is now 25 years since this country was introduced to “stakeholder economics” – the concept that Government could engender a more friendly form of capitalism where profits were shared more equitably between stakeholders – including workers and consumers. This … Continue reading

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Why has the left – left pensions?

Sad to say, I doubt that more than a tiny percentage of my readership, let alone the general public know who Labour’s shadow pension minister is. Since Gregg McClymont lost his Cumbernauld seat in 2015, the post has been occupied … Continue reading

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Action is urgently needed on the net pay pension issue

  Call to action Action is required to address a systematic unfairness in the tax system that is disadvantaging many low earners saving for their retirement. 1.7m low earners are potentially affected by this, many of them women, and  it … Continue reading

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