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“The Ship has sailed” – Con Keating on the Society of Pension Professionals CDC submission

On Saturday, on Radio 4’s Money Box programme, Hugh Nolan of the Society of Pension Professionals expressed the view that the “ship had sailed” for CDC pensions, and proceeded into the tired and repetitive narrative that it is too late … Continue reading

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“CDC’s about improving DC” – Con Keating

This essay compliments my blog this morning.  Con Keating is the author of this blog – our thinking is coincidental, though our manner of expressing it – is not!   In all of the discussions of the minutiae of the … Continue reading

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“No need for CDC to ape the Dutch” – quips Con Keating.

This is a review of: The Legal Differences between CIDC and CDC by Prof. dr. Hans van Meerten and Elmar Schmidt, February 2018. It takes the form of a line by line commentary (in red) on the verbatim text of … Continue reading

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When should pensions be cut in a CDC arrangement? – Con Keating

Or equivalently: how much risk to members’ pensions is there in mutually offered funded pension? The setting is the DB type pension (Cdb) of some fixed proportion of, say, final salary. Typically, for mature schemes these represent amounts which are … Continue reading

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That’s what Friends (of CDC) are for!

  It is not pleasant to open your phone to find 25 messages directed towards you and your colleagues trolling your work. So thanks to Alan Higham for what I hope is a message if not of support, at least … Continue reading

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“Might young people do well from CDC?” – Con Keating’s thinking on investments.

In a risk-obsessed world, Con Keating observes that it’s its absence of risk-management that could be CDC’s greatest boon to the young. The new member joining a collective DC scheme is contributing marginally to a collective fund. This fund is itself … Continue reading

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Con Keating’s prepares his thoughts on CDC

Like many of us, Con’s thoughts are on how we can best restore confidence in pensions using CDC , here we catch him thinking about the W&P inquiry. For those whose thoughts are tuned to pensions (as well as retirement … Continue reading

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Defined ambition – a trap avoided

This is a technical note from Con Keating that explains why mark-to-market accounting really doesn’t work for CDC. He sets out a more equitable basis for measuring funding. See if you can follow Con’s logic – I think I can … Continue reading

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“What is CDC promising?” – Con Keating

In this article , first published in Pension Expert, Con Keating explains that while CDC is promising very little – which is why it is a concept of our time.  The inquiry into Collective Defined Contribution pensions announced by the parliamentary … Continue reading

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A method for the madness. Is the DWP Select Committee – pension’s best hope?

The diverse agenda of the DWP Select Committee might be considered madness. I am not going to write that their is method in this madness as it’s clear to me that we cannot properly consider freedoms, without looking at CDC for … Continue reading

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