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TPR look at ways to help schemes “run on”.

Developments in the defined benefit alternative arrangements market 27 November 2023 / Mike Birch Protecting savers and supporting innovation are central to our work. In line with this, we are working closely with providers in the market to explore alternative defined benefit … Continue reading

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Picking an IFA who’ll stay the course.

  My friend John Quinlivan is fond of asking me “capital or covenant?” He means me to answer whether my business case is  based on the weight of money I can call on , or my trust that I am … Continue reading

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We have “capitalism without the capital” – we should be patient!

It’s budget day and Nigel Wilson has been on Wake up to Money, urging the Chancellor to encourage Britain to invest positively for its future. He tells us that Britain has “Capitalism without the Capital”, he’s right and I’m with the … Continue reading

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Cash beats shares for capital gains (but not for pensions).

Paul Lewis has produced a brilliant study that shows how the outcomes of investing a capital sum in cash would have been better than investing in shares over the past 21 years. Paul is right, the numbers do  not lie and … Continue reading

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Why assume gains before they are earned? (guest blog by Ralph Frank)

  Downturns in financial markets have been known to trigger bouts of introspection.  Current markets seem to be no different in this regard.  Some investors have seen their carefully crafted plans blown off course, possibly not for the first time, … Continue reading

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