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Rob Gardner curates us his COP 27 watch and read list.

Do you want to know more about Climate Change and how it impacts our prosperity? Originally Published on November 7, 2022 Rob is  a financial activist, on a mission to make money a force for good for people and the … Continue reading

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The proof of SJP’s self-confidence is in customer outcomes.

My friend Robin Powell who speaks for the evidence based investor has republished my comments on SJP’s Value Assessment (it’s nice to see my words properly set). I agree with Robin’s title, WHY SJP’S LATEST VALUE ASSESSMENT STILL DOESN’T CUT … Continue reading

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Cheer up this strike’n’ing Monday with good cheer at the Playpen lunch!

  For many of us, this will be the first working Monday since December 19th. Christmas and New Year holidays have immunised us against the Monday morning blues. So a return to work for Londoners that includes the ongoing disruption … Continue reading

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Collectivism is alive and well and living in Cyberbury

This egregious sentiment from Big Hair. And collectivism?? Ever since the blessed Lady Thatcher, I’ve seen nothing to persuade me that it’s not just “all about me”. Harrumph…. We had our 25,000th visitor to this blog last week, nearly 2500 … Continue reading

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I outsourced my pension fund to a Fiduciary Manager (but didn’t know it)

I discovered I’d outsourced my personal pension fund to a Fiduciary Manager. So had all my colleagues, so had 90% of the 14,000 personal pension holders who are my clients and so had the trustees and sponsors of all the Schemes I’d been involved in at Zurich and Eagle Star Continue reading

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