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WPC hears from providers and consultants on LDI

There have been big losers from the LDI crisis. It has been going on all year but intensified following the Bank of England’s switch from easing to tapering and intensified again after the announcement the next day of the ill-fated … Continue reading

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If LDI pooled funds collapse – what would follow ?

To understand how pooled LDI funds work, listen and watch this excellent video which explains the rewards and the risks of LDI pooled funds. Please watch it to understand the way that LDI works within a pooled fund. Thought Iā€™d … Continue reading

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“Thinking about retiring?” – the day I overdosed on insight.

There was a lot of thinking going on yesterday, I found myself listening to people’s thoughts on retirement all day, the Zoom, Teams and Webex was turned on from 9 am to 6pm. I thought it might never end. Everyone … Continue reading

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No blubbing over the future of RPI please.

“I love the way they are doing this ā€“ it is not a move from RPI to CPIH, but recalculating RPI as if it were CPIH ā€“ and unless the Bank of England says that is a material change, eliminates … Continue reading

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