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WPC hears from providers and consultants on LDI

There have been big losers from the LDI crisis. It has been going on all year but intensified following the Bank of England’s switch from easing to tapering and intensified again after the announcement the next day of the ill-fated … Continue reading

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Banks, asset managers and regulators – turn the heat on LDI consultants.

To date, there has been a united front between  asset managers and intermediaries over the LDI crisis. Both have been prepared to brave it out hoping that indignation with Trussnomics will protect them from criticism either from regulators above or … Continue reading

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Will our pensions reform private equity or become its victim?

Peter Harrison, Schroder’s CEO is making some important comments about investing in the stock market.  “Ultimately, we’ve got to grow the wealth of our customers. The move towards private assets is a reflection of the fact that that’s where the … Continue reading

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Happy being part of the crowd!

Robin Powell – the evidence based investor – has produced a very simple explanation of why the valuations of stocks are 90% right. You can read it here. It’s based on the ask the audience responses to who want to … Continue reading

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Pensions; holy grail or wholly fail?

The least we can do is to try and make life a little easier for them, than it has been for us! Continue reading

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Pensions Rocked again

Five great bands A full house A proper bunch of judges A fabulous back up team! It’s easy to think Pension Rocks just happens. Last Thursday’s final was so relaxed, well-organised and so darned good that it’s easy to forget what an amazing … Continue reading

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Self-serving nonsense from the City on LDI DC pensions

Apparently what the City would like to serve up to us to sort out our woeful DC pensions is a wonder drug called LDI. I read “with interest” that More than half of the pensions industry feels that the liability-driven investment techniques … Continue reading

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Beyond belief – investment philospohies in the DC world

Investment Philosophies are what Asset Managers use to justify fees- Investment Beliefs are how trustees justify paying them. Continue reading

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DC- where it all went wrong for the fund managers

No- not a 10.000 word dissertation – this is a quick romp through the past ten years of DC provision in the UK which concludes with a few words on where we are today.

Continue reading

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