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The fall-out from LDI will dominate DB pensions in 2023

  The FT has published a piece this morning suggesting a “blame game” between consultants and the providers of LDI solutions. Was it the providers or the advice given by investment consultants  on implementation and management of leveraged LDI strategies … Continue reading

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Disclosures “contrary to the public interest”

As often happens , my conversations surrounding previous postings attract the attention of people better qualified to write the post. In this case Peter Drewienkiewicz, Chief Investment Officer at consultancy Redington. Here he is responding to a post of mine … Continue reading

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    Jon Spain is one of Britain’s foremost actuarial thinkers. You don’t have to  be an actuary to enjoy this piece – indeed it might help for non-actuaries to peer behind the actuarial covers – as Jon allows you … Continue reading

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Why we will always need a charge cap on workplace pensions.

    Tony Filbin has commented feelingly to comments made by Jonathan Parker of Redington, suggesting the charge cap “hinders value for money“. People with short memories and/or lack of experience misunderstand the cost drivers of corporate pension providers. Prior … Continue reading

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The Standard Life IGC – could things possibly have gone worse?

 It has not been a good year for Standard Life or its IGC. This hasn’t stopped the IGC from producing a report that weighs in at an incredible 91 pages, only the first 15 of which are directed at the … Continue reading

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The value to me of “set and hold”!

  The FT is masterful with understatement. A 2% charge can take quite a chunk out of the overall portfolio return If your predicted investment return is (say) inflation +3%, having to earn 2% to pay your investment manager, custodian … Continue reading

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Let’s focus on real issues,not shock headlines- Dan Mikulskis on DB pensions

Though Redington and First Actuarial are very different types of consultancy, we share a concern for the future of DB and see many things in similar ways. This is a great blog by Dan Mikulskis, Head of Defined Benefit Pensions, … Continue reading

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Cheer up this strike’n’ing Monday with good cheer at the Playpen lunch!

  For many of us, this will be the first working Monday since December 19th. Christmas and New Year holidays have immunised us against the Monday morning blues. So a return to work for Londoners that includes the ongoing disruption … Continue reading

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Aren’t we our century’s spoiled brats?

Another year,another sensational headline from your “pension puncturing” Daily Express. It’s not a new story, its facts are from the Pension Institute study published last year. So long as interest rates remain low, pension liabilities will be inflated and pension … Continue reading

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“Innovation – what innovation?” – Pension PlayPen confounded by DC investments

The 50th London Pension PlayPen lunch took place as ever at the Counting House (attendees listed below). At the opening show of hand six of us could see no great innovation happening in UK DC and three saw “potential” or … Continue reading

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