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“Can we have our money back?” Pension PlayPen lunch- Monday

Monday 4th Feb – 12.30 – Counting House, 50 Cornhill   At this lunch we will be discussing whether we are doing enough to help people claim on their pension pots and get their money back as they would like. … Continue reading

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We are confidently predicting that the Government will be making an announcement on the pensions dashboard on Monday morning. (December 3rd 2019) Since the announcement meeting is 11.30 – 12.30 and since the Pension PlayPen lunch starts at 12.30, I … Continue reading

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“Do we need a dashboard- or just a pension finding service?” – Pension PlayPen lunch – Monday 5th Nov

Expect fireworks at the Pension Play Pen lunch on Monday. The derisory £5m budget dished out by the Treasury to fund the dashboard suggests we won’t get much more than a damp squib. But maybe the Treasury are right! Maybe … Continue reading

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“April 2018 – a nudge too far?” Pension Play Pen Lunch – Monday 4th September

In little more than six months time , auto-enrolment will face its next big test. Minimum contributions to workplace pensions will increase from 1% employer and 1% employee to 2% employer and 3% employee. The contributions need only be paid … Continue reading

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How do we value our large DB plans?

  Today’s Pension Play Pen lunch (at the Hydrant pub not the Counting House) will discuss how best we value our large DB plans. What do we mean by large DB plans? I guess there are a number of big … Continue reading

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Con Keating on integrated risk management-(@PensionPlayPen lunch).

If you attended the Pension PlayPen lunch on Monday March 6th, you may have wondered where I was- I was on a plane returning from India. I am told it was good fun and Con Keating called it the best … Continue reading

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Cheer up this strike’n’ing Monday with good cheer at the Playpen lunch!

  For many of us, this will be the first working Monday since December 19th. Christmas and New Year holidays have immunised us against the Monday morning blues. So a return to work for Londoners that includes the ongoing disruption … Continue reading

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What will we remember 2016 for? The Pension PlayPen lunch

The Pension Play Pen lunch group has met every month since December 2008 and is something of an institution at the Counting House. It’s a chance for advisers, pension managers , investment gurus and harmless idiots like me, to spend … Continue reading

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One week on- how was “freedom” for you?

More questions than answers The Pension PlayPen met as usual in the Counting House to discuss our experiences of Pension Freedom to date. The consensus – more questions than answers. Call volumes to the insurers have over-shadowed what the Government … Continue reading

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Why don’t people trust pensions and pension sellers? Guest Blog from Mark Scantlebury

These are the unregulated thoughts of seven guys and one gal, having a chat over a Pension Play Pen pint and a pie. Please, don’t construe any of this as any sort of advice. We take no responsibility for what … Continue reading

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