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More argy-bargy in pension’s tax-trenches

  Blessed are the peacemakers, until they wade into a debate on tax-relief. The saintly Darren Philp , maybe picking up from comments from ex DWP govt actuary Andy Young, tried to change the debate. To summarise his argument, he … Continue reading

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Pension tax-relief – a fact based argument for change.

  The change I am suggesting would turn pension taxation on its head, it would mean pension contributions would be taxed at more than 60% for high earners but that the lowest earners would be exempt from pension taxation.  Pension … Continue reading

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What a “strong mandate” means for pensions.

Since the range of outcomes considered by the bookies ranges from “strong” to “weak” conservative majority, I’m putting my money on the Liberals getting an overall majority (only 25-1 with William Hill). That seems the likeliest alternative outcome and I’ve … Continue reading

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The golden key (to pension taxation)

The golden key to pension taxation unlocks pensions for the silent majority of people in this country who have no interest in “pensions”. The golden key unlocks money currently spent incentivising the wealthy to preserve wealth and allows those who need … Continue reading

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What will we remember 2016 for? The Pension PlayPen lunch

The Pension Play Pen lunch group has met every month since December 2008 and is something of an institution at the Counting House. It’s a chance for advisers, pension managers , investment gurus and harmless idiots like me, to spend … Continue reading

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TEE(n) – Why would Osborne do anything else?

  I was re-reading Steve Webb’s article in the Daily Telegraph where he outlines why he thinks Pensions ISAs would be a disaster. The more I read it, the less I get it. Let’s go back to basics. It is … Continue reading

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Companies count the cost of pension freedoms

Pension freedoms are … creating a human resources burden, the CBI said, as company leaders try to ensure their older staff do not spend their pension pots early and face hanging on to their jobs when they should have retired. “Even … Continue reading

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When organisations believe their own hype

The weird behaviourist thing about Volkswagon’s lack of emissional intelligence is that the “people’s car” is now disowned by its own people. Imagine how proud you must have been to work for VW, remember those proud adverts about the Golf, … Continue reading

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It’s auto-enrolment what’s done for tax relief!

I was leading a recent research document from the DWP assessing the impact of auto-enrolment, these are the key findings 10 million workers are estimated to be in the eligible target group for Automatic Enrolment. 9 million workers are estimated … Continue reading

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Michael Johnson and the Super ISA

This is the latest from tax and pensions supremo – Michael Johnson. Love it or hate it – the pensions ISA or Super ISA as Michael calls it- looks set to dominate our thinking over the next few months   … Continue reading

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