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Why pension tax-relief isn’t about income tax anymore.

I thought I had a reasonably good understanding of “cost of pension tax relief” stats (despite HMT’s reluctance to fill in the gaps by answering FoI requests). But I was shocked by new (to me) information on how these are … Continue reading

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More argy-bargy in pension’s tax-trenches

  Blessed are the peacemakers, until they wade into a debate on tax-relief. The saintly Darren Philp , maybe picking up from comments from ex DWP govt actuary Andy Young, tried to change the debate. To summarise his argument, he … Continue reading

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How does my son feel about being 75?

There had to be a point for Ian Duncan Smith running a summer scare story around pushing the state pension age to 75. We have just been through a lengthy consultation and review of the state pension age. It culminated … Continue reading

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