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The potential legacy of the pandemic on mortality

    By: Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard and Melissa Shaw COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group – Learn. Share. Educate. Influence.   How does the pandemic impact mortality? The impact of COVID-19 on mortality can be broadly split into three categories: direct impacts; indirect … Continue reading

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Steve Webb’s real world where pensions are pensions.

Sometimes pension specialists need reminding of what matters to non specialists-what we call (with some embarrassment)  “real people”. That’s what Steve Webb did on Thursday, speaking to around 250 PMI members  assembled virtually and in person in the City. This … Continue reading

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If not us who? If not now -when? Let’s bring back pensions.

As someone who has priced drawdown and annuities I can tell you the NPV, RoE, RoC and DPP are far more attractive on drawdown and asset management than they were on Open Market annuities. Why else do you think there … Continue reading

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9 million pension savers marching down the hill!

Is Steve Webb, pension’s Grand old Duke of York.? Having marched us to the top of the hill and is he preparing to march us down again? LCP’s paper on how we spend our pension pot asks “is there a … Continue reading

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“Unfinished business” – Steve Webb’s pension freedom reset.

  Steve Webb is back, doing what he should be doing in a commercial pensions practice. He’s been busy finding ways to make the pension freedoms work, which must be a refreshing change from sorting out underpayments from the state … Continue reading

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Why pension tax-relief isn’t about income tax anymore.

I thought I had a reasonably good understanding of “cost of pension tax relief” stats (despite HMT’s reluctance to fill in the gaps by answering FoI requests). But I was shocked by new (to me) information on how these are … Continue reading

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DB pensions are in a hole, let’s swap the DWP’s spade for a ladder

    Bowles my liege… It’s a great shame to read Guy Opperman excising Sharon Bowles amendment to the Pensions Act. The Bowles amendment  would give open pension schemes the capacity to be funded as ongoing concerns rather than being … Continue reading

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QE cooked the 4% rule and LCP explain why.

Dan Mikulskis and Phil Boyle have produced an epic as one of LCP’s “on point” papers. The 4% rule is one of the few rules of thumb that we are left to cling on to when facing what Bill Sharpe … Continue reading

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Balance sheet relief leads to later life grief?

It’s a shame for my loyal readers (Con Keating especially) that some of the most interesting comments on my blog are made on twitter and linked in. In yesterday’s blog I suggested that our former pensions minister, Steve Webb, was … Continue reading

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Is your Mum getting her proper state pension? – Steve Webb’s making sure!

Apologies to readers whose Mums are no longer around and to younger readers whose Mums are still to retire. but the majority of people who read this blog are millennials and boomers whose Mums are drawing the state pension along … Continue reading

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