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It’s been a “long day coming”- and a change is going to come

For most of us, June 21st has been the day when we return to normal ever since the Prime Minister announced the timetable to lift lockdown – the long day coming. But today is not going to see further easing, … Continue reading

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Our right to dream of a fairer deal for older people.

It’s been another brutal week in politics. I’m glad that the pensions team in place at the start of it – remain in place at the end of it.  I’m pleased  that Guy Opperman remains our pensions minister. As my … Continue reading

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Pension tax-relief – a fact based argument for change.

  The change I am suggesting would turn pension taxation on its head, it would mean pension contributions would be taxed at more than 60% for high earners but that the lowest earners would be exempt from pension taxation.  Pension … Continue reading

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Is Trump a “necessary agent of change”?

  “An imperfect candidate but a necessary agent of change” Not my formulation but the unconsidered response to my question. I was standing at the bar of the Westminster Arms following a successful meeting with Share Action in the house … Continue reading

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The golden key (to pension taxation)

The golden key to pension taxation unlocks pensions for the silent majority of people in this country who have no interest in “pensions”. The golden key unlocks money currently spent incentivising the wealthy to preserve wealth and allows those who need … Continue reading

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Mutatis Mutandis- WASPI won’t work (because we do)

  Mutatis mutandis, is a phrase meaning “once the necessary changes have been made”. It  is the optimist’s assumption that order will prevail, even where chaos currently reigns. When awaiting execution, the poet Ezra Pound was kept in a cell … Continue reading

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Paying for other people’s pensions

I’ve said it before on this blog, but I’ll say it again. The amount of Council Tax many people pay to fund other people’s pensions exceeds their own contributions into pensions, even when they’ve been auto-enrolled into “workie”.   “You … Continue reading

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The ground moving under us.

What I like about August is that it gives you a little space. Nothing much gets done because at least one decision maker is away and we’re all waiting for September. The French just forget about working in August. Because … Continue reading

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Time to move on?

This election was brutal. Gregg McClymont knew his fate but Steve Webb’s defeat was a shock to us all – sadly electors don’t wear pension goggles. Just as we were resigning ourselves to BAU,  David Cameron announced Ros Altmann’s appointment … Continue reading

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Care or hubris? – How Tesco got in such a pensions mess.

Every little helps? The right old mess that Tesco has found itself in , is blamed partially on its mishandling of its pension strategy. How can an organisation with the motto “every little counts” have such a large pension deficit? … Continue reading

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