Mutatis Mutandis- WASPI won’t work (because we do)



Mutatis mutandis, is a phrase meaning “once the necessary changes have been made”. It  is the optimist’s assumption that order will prevail, even where chaos currently reigns.

When awaiting execution, the poet Ezra Pound was kept in a cell with no roof.

“The rain also is of the process”,

he wrote in a long poem. This sense that order will reassert itself is at the heart of neo-platonic thought and is central to our culture.

Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound in later life

If we stop everything at a certain point of our society’s progression then the world will keep on moving and we will be left shouting

“stop the world, I want to get off!”.

There are a few times when the world seems such a stupid unfair place, that people try to get off, but the unfairness and stupidity and incompetence is

“also of the process”.


By way of an example

A few years ago I applied for a mortgage, the term of the mortgage was – I was told- not to be beyond my state retirement age. My state retirement age being 67 at the time, I applied for a mortgage term to my 67th birthday.

My application was rejected because the HSBC (trading as First Direct) recognised my state pension age as 65. I eventually did take out the mortgage on this reduced term but only after several conversations with mortgage underwriters for whom “rules were rules”.

I wrote about this at the time and remember thinking

“if HSBC don’t get the changes in the SPA- how the hell are the rest of the public!”

This part of  HSBC lending policy was based on misinformation about when their customers were going to retire. The announcements from Government (that are at the centre of the WASPI case), had not touched the sides of lending policy.

My frustration then was that I knew more than the HSBC and was being told that I was being imprudent in wanting to borrow when I had no earnings capacity. The retirement age of 65 was so hard-coded into the HSBC’s lending policy that no amount of links to Government websites proving I was write would make any difference.

This is at the heart of the case that WASPI have. We simply have not made sufficient effort to promote the changes in retirement age and their implications to the nation as a whole

We not only need to understand what the State Retirement Age is – but why it is– and that includes the mortgage underwriters of the HSBC.


The blame game?

So should I have blamed the Government or should I have blamed HSBC or should I just sit down and shut up?  Sadly, sitting down and shutting up was and is the only realistic option available to me- other than to go elsewhere for my mortgage (which I didn’t and don’t want to do).

There is a process of escalation for complaints like mine, the Banking Ombudsman but I considered that the HSBC were morally right – they wanted to lend prudently and their rules were consistently enforced. It was incompetence , not immorality, that concerned me.

The Government has not been immoral in its mis-communication of the increases in state pension age, they have been incompetent. But they are our Government. WASPI has to consider the Government, as I consider HSBC, as the ultimate source of finance – we are the Government.

As WASPI’s petition nears 100,000, I wonder how the debate can go any further than my debate with HSBC. Rules are rules – the law is the law.

mutatis 2


WASPI is of the process

What we need is a proper debate on how and why we have the state pension ages that we do. This is a debate that should allow people to engage with the really hard issues about getting old. These include the worsening dependency ratios, our capacity to keep people healthy for longer, the cost to society of having healthy people not working and the cost to society of those who are unable to work because they have lost their cognitive or physical faculties.

This is a debate that so far has been carried out within the DWP but not- sufficiently- in public. Elderly people should not be a problem, they should be the most valued members of our society – our elders. We are in danger of making old age into a problem (as HSBC did) not out of wickedness but out of ignorance.


Everything dies honey, that’s a fact

As I keep saying, the WASPI petition is of great importance, not for what it is arguing for but for what it is arguing against. It is arguing against change though change has already happened – just as HSBC were.

We are mostly healthy in our fifties and sixties and seventies -we can be productive and we don’t have a right to put our feet up.

When I reach 65 I will still have a six figure debt to the HSBC, I expect to be working and I imagine that if I am neither able to work or to service my debt I will use pension freedoms and die.

For those who cannot work and have nothing, we must make sure we have the money for a proper NHS and for the long term care that’s needed.

Things change. Sickness will come , death will come- but till they do our job is to keep working for those who can’t.

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7 Responses to Mutatis Mutandis- WASPI won’t work (because we do)

  1. No, not ALL are healthy at ALL! That is the most incorrect assumption I’ve ever seen, made, I presume, by a healthy YOUNG person. I’ve been healthy most of my life..In my 50s came diabetes, out of the blue, then arthritis in my hands, thus I drop things, have no strength in them…I had diabetic neuropathy in my feet, thus I often cannot sleep due to the pain, and walking/standing for long periods hurts..

    I am 60 years old.

    My best friend is 58..,3 years back, she developed, again, out of the blue, a heart condition and now gets very tired, very easily and is no medication for life.

    Her husband, 11 years younger than she, had a heart attack, once more, out of the blue, last year…and a severe one too. He recovered, but he may well have another…

    I have spoken to many WASPI women, a lot of them are ill. They not only have physical complaints, they are in an emotional mess, stressed to the hilt, on tranquilizers, not knowing which way to turn, downsizing their homes, their lives, their expections, their life-expectancy….

    Some are suicidal, not seeing a way out, not feeling they will survive until 66, not wanting to spend SIX YEARS living in the HELL they have been thrown into.

    I was a Carer for 15 years to my ex-mother-in-law, 9 when I was married, 6 post-divorce…Now, that time is coming to an end, and I am being thrown into £penury, forced to go on JSA soon, with all the horrors and utter indignities that now carries, under Duncan Smith’s Nazi Britain….

    My sin? I was born 4 days LATE. Yes, 4 days late, thus, I have had SIX YEARS added to my working life, with very, very little prospect of EVER finding a job….JSA is for 6 months…then even worse HELL starts…

    I cannot downsize more, I’m already on a council estate area…I can’t sell my home, I can’t afford to move, I can’t afford to stay here.

    I spent Christmas searching for jobs…crying my heart out too…for I have no partner to fall back on, no-one to keep me ‘safe’.

    ALL I have is this flat and THAT is for my children, all I have to leave them one day and I’d rather end my life than see that taken from me too, along with my pride, my dignity, my desire to contine to live.

    Once, I LOVED this country, with my heart and soul….

    My Darlin’ Dad, gone over 26 years now, was born in 1914. I cared for Dad until he died, he living with my then husband and I…I held his hand AS he died….Nanny too, whom I have cared for for 15 years, as mentioned above, was also born in 1914, thus, she is 101 years old.

    When you get to that age, you are FAR from well. She is registered blind. I spent much of my time cleaning up poo, from the bathroom, the floor…and sobbing my heart out whilst I was doing it…

    Now, after saving my country a fecking £FORTUNE in Care Home fees, keeping Nanny safe too, for Care Homes are like the Workhouse to her generation….I am SPAT out by my country and have to endure endless shitty blogs like this, making out that 1950s women are being a right pain the fecking arse!

    WE are the fecking CARERS, mate! We’ve raised our families and cared for our elders, so, so many of us! We come from a time when we did NOT have private pensions, because we had a WELFARE STATE that CARED FOR US, from Cradle To Grave!

    We were told that we’d retire at 60, as women had for generations, before us…

    I only found out, by CHANCE, in 2009, when I wrote to the DWP for information on my NI contributions. They replied telling me the startling news that my pension date was 2020!!!

    Then, I wrote again in 2012..for an update on my pension amount, only to be told THIS time that my pension age was now 66, thus 2021 was The Year for me!!!

    How the FECK was I supposed to cope, at the END of my working life with a SIX YEAR INCREASE?

    Tell me, please, DO!

    Was I supposed to throw Nanny onto the streets at the age of 95? Throw her into a home and walk away? Do you know what it’s like to be almost BLIND, to have DEEP FEAR of DEATH, every single day when you awaken? Do you KNOW what it’s like to BE OLD?

    No, of course you don’t!

    You sit there writing poncy blogs, thinking you’re oh-so-smart…and all your financial friends who don’t DO emotions, only money…applaud you and do their utmost NOT to help we women, but to HINDER us, one of these being a WOMAN herself, who is now trying to get the WASPI page banned from Twitter…..The Supercilious BITCH!

    Sorry, but in 1995 I had NO IDEA that MY Generation was going to be hanged, drawn and quatered! NONE OF us did!

    I had a ONE year old son, an EIGHT year old daughter, had lost TWO little souls inbetween, was married, was still living with the possibility of cancer attacking every major organ, due to one of those lost souls being a Hydatidiform Molar Pregnancy (LOOK IT UP!)…and was coping with the death of my beloved Darlin’ Dad, my mother going utterly loopy and life truly not being at its’ best, save for I’d finally been blessed with another child….

    I did NOT have my head in the FT or any other broadsheets, I do NOT listen to Radio 4, I was NOT watching the fecking media, because I was raising my family and living my life and the media did NOT figure in that!

    The DWP should have started writing to people in 1995. It did NOT!

    Had I not written to them about something entirely different, I’d not have known anything, but, as it was, it didn’t matter anyway, because NO WAY could I have made up SIX YEARS of lost pension to see me through, when I was beneath minimum wage, and SEVERELY so..and even if I’d BEEN on minimum wage, I could STILL never have done this!


    Money had NOT taken over our way of life, our every thought back then….only those whose minds are money-focussed from the moment they arrive on the planet!

    We ALL have different brain patterns, it’s needed for the survival of the species, so where YOUR brain pattern does figures, math, numbers, finances, mine does words, images, hugs, love, emotions, tears, creativitiy etc….

    You could not live in MY world, no doubt..and I cannot live in yours!

    1950s women (and 60s and 70s women too) have ALL been utterly SCREWED by this shocking decision!

    44 YEARS of NI contributions for me and now, HELL to show for it…

    Debt staring me in the face, constant rejection of horrible jobs, low paid crap for companies I’d rather die than work for…Corporate Bastards who treat us like slaves!

    Yet, I’m supposed to be HAPPY about this, to go along with it, as you did about your mortgage…to meekly accept that government and law is always right!

    Sorry, that’s what Nazi Germany did!!!!!!!

    My Dad went to war in 1939 AGAINST the very kind of brain pattern now dominating our world, ones who don’t give a shit about their fellow man, only themselves! He did NOT go to war so that his daughter’s pension would one day be STOLEN, and right at the END of her working life too, throwing her into hell!

    Once, when I was a Harley St. secretary, I had the honour of meeting Sir Douglas Bader…(LOOK HIM UP, if you’re too young to know who he is!) and Douglas too would be HORRIFIED at what is being done to his country now, because he too fought to ensure that never again would such people rule the world, let alone his own country!

    Duncan Smith is responsible, in my opinion, for the early deaths of MANY in this country, who have been thrown away by him as he dismantles our Welfare State and now our pensions system…and whilst I accept that way too many shirkers were abusing the system, what he is doing now is BRUTAL and he should be instantly dismissed and his brutal regime dismantled in so many ways!


    YOU are one of the Captive Cubs and you don’t even KNOW it!

    There is a Native American story of a Wild Wolf who is captured and she spends the rest of her days trying to escape from The Cage. Her cubs though, are born into The Cage and thus, this is their home, their life. They never make any attempt to escape, simply accepting everything…But the Wild Wolf NEVER gives in, NEVER stops trying to find her way back to The Wild, to Freedom, so that she can take her cubs BACK to what she knows is RIGHT!

    So many of you younger people are ALREADY meekly accpetiing 66, 67, 68. 70, 72…or even, no state pension at all!!! WHY are you doing this? Because you ARE the Captive Cubs and you don’t understand How It Was…You blindly accept what you are being told by Corrupt Bastards, most of whom are Millionaires and so deeply disconnected, disassociated and unemotional that it beggars belief!

    Meanwhile, as their People starve, they spend £50/60/70/80BILLION on HS2, the Holey SHITE! Railway, to save 30 minutes off a journey that can already be done!!!!

    Are they ALL on COCAINE, or WHAT????????

    WHY are you accepting these Cutthroats Crooks and Conmen (to use the Show of Hands song) as your CHIEFS?

    Take this down to TrIbal Level and these corrupt people would be deposed INSTANTLY!

    REAL Chiefs live as their PEOPLE do, you see….That is what they do!

    I do a lot of work promotiong the outlook and lives of The Indigenous Peoples of the World who are still SO connected to Mother Earth, to EACH OTHER, to ALL Species…and they’d NEVER treat their People like this!

    A WHOLE GENERATION of women have been thrown into the DARKEST of Pits and most of you seem actually quite pleased about it!

    SHAME ON YOU ALL, for not standing with us, for not fighting with us!

    WE would fight for you…we ARE fighting for you, for we are raising awareness of the entire Pensions Fiasco….

    Politicians have had £compensation for THEIR rises in pension age, VAST salary increases on top of already VAST salaries!! Their pensions are HUGE and will increase EVERY YEAR FOR LIFE. WE have NOTHING!! We are becoming PAUPERS and many of us don’t want to live any longer, full stop, utterly blown apart by the lack of empathy and the deep insensitivity of people who can do such things….


    Steve Webb, former pensions minister ADMITTED just a few weeks back that his department had made a HUGE mistake causing terrible suffering…He at least had the courage to try and help us..Cameron and Osborne shut the door in his face…Osborne has just given his spin doctor a VAST salary increase, the speaker of the house now has a new salary which is more than the PMs…The Queen gets an 8% rise….

    And 1950s women get EARLY FECKING GRAVES!

    And this is MY COUNTRY????

    Ye Gods, but thank GOD, that both my Darlin’ Dad and Douglas Bader are dead, for if they could see what hast become of their beloved country, they would both side down and weep…although Bader would launch Battle Of Britain II, I’d expect…

    My Dear, gentle, gentleman of a Father, so traumatized by the war that he barely spoke of it, once said to me…”Liz, there are some things which are *so* evil that you cannot walk away, you *have* to turn and make a stand.”

    Dad was talking of Hitler…..

    But, what the wonderful lassies who started up the WASPI campaign have done is EXACTLY what my Darlin’ Dad was talking about, for in turning to face The Evil, in TAKING that stand, they have united hundreds of thousands of us…and we are NOT going to go away now, for our voice is growing louder every single day…and we will NOT be silenced now, no matter what they try to do to us, because we have NOTHING left to lose, NOTHING.

    I would ask you to stand WITH us, as so many GOOD MPs are now choosing to do, seeing instantly the huge injustice in this evil…but that decision remains with you, and only you can decide whether to remain inside your cage, doing as you are ordered, or, whether to break free and Find Freedom through Honour & Integrity.

    There is MASSIVE PAIN and SUFFERING going on out here.
    Please, do not add to this.

    Thank you

    PS…And a huge, HUGE thank you to the women who started up WASPI, for they have given birth to a something so strong that it could be Cameron’s ‘poll tax’, bringing down his government as ALL of us start to RISE UP against what they are doing to ALL our pensions and our futures.

  2. And, apologies for errors..I’m too tired and too fecking depressed to read through it….So, make fun of them, if you so choose, but I’d rather you just read it and have empathy for the plight of many of us out here, GOOD women who do NOT deserve this shit.

  3. henry tapper says:

    Lizzie, thanks for your comments. I don’t want anyone to be depressed, it’s the least understood illness of all those you mention.

    So don’t think I’m laughing at you or your depression, and don’t think I’m laughing at WASPI either.

    We need to get some confidence back in the way we treat older people-men and woman, and that means understanding the things you are going on about.

    If you want to have a chat, I’m on most social media (in my mid fifties by the way!)

  4. We’re not just *depressed*, Henry, some are suicidal. We feel utterly betrayed. What they should have done in 1995 is to have said that all those born from 1995 onwards would be facing a pension age of 65. This generation would have grown up knowing this, being able to live their lives accordingly, being educated at school about pensions (we weren’t, ever) and ensuring that our country is run for the good of The People, first and foremost, with Health and Happiness, Care and Support there for all who need it (as we once had). Wealth and Profit should be of NO importance at all, nor Power, other than Power to create an EQUAL society.

    Indigenous Peoples live their lives according to the rules of The Circle, where all are viewed as being the same. Our society is run to the rule of The Triangle, where those at the top have the most power, regarding all those beneath them as inferior, this going on at each level of the triangle until those at the bottom are reached….

    I am one of those at the bottom.

    I was also raised by kind, honest and gentle man, who taught me that no-one is better than I and that I am better than no-one. My Dad would be heartbroken at how his country has become, truly heartbroken.

    He had Emphysema from his mid-50s onwards. His country took care of him in his later years, a district nurse attending to him when needed, she having the time to spend with him on each visit, not being monitored by the second…She became our friend, would have a cup of tea with us when she visited Dad….for that’s how life was. Dad died in his 70s..and so much of what made us a Wonderful Society began to die shortly after….

    Now, everything is about money. We talk in BILLIONS, not MILLIONS and we regard this as SANE. Money is thrown at ridiculous ideas, given away to other countries, basic bribery to get trade given back…

    Now, those at the bottom are truly suffering…

    Some of the WASPIs I’ve spoken to are already very ill, on medication, yet they’re sent to deal with ATOS, interviewed for hours….

    Did you know that the DWP even SO KINDLY tells people that if they are suicidal, they should contact The Samaritans, utterly ignoring the fact it is THEIR POLICIES which are making people suicidal! I mean, what the FECK is going on????? Rhetorical question!

    These women are being put through this ordeal purely because the DWP did NOT inform them that they’d be the first generation FORCED to work SIX YEARS longer, not being told until the very END of their working lives!

    This is a NIGHTMARE, a TRUE NIGHTMARE for many of us and at the time of our lives when we should be feeling relatively secure (bearing in mind we have one of the lowest pensions in Europe) many of us have become just a bundle of nerves, deep anxiety waking us in the middle of the night, how to pay bills, how to cope….

    I don’t even drive (have terrible vision, thank god for contact lenses) so I can’t even afford the bloody BUS now either and have NO free bus pass, although I would if I lived anywhere else in the UK apart from England, as this is still given out at 60 in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales…

    I was really looking forward to having that…being able to be free to go places at long last….but no, even that’s been taken away!

    I also now have to go through being means tested all over again for Council Tax, as at present, being a Carer, I’m exempt this year, but I have to fight for this EVERY year, since they brought in new rules saying everyone had to pay at least 20%. WHAT WITH??????? Truly, what do poor people PAY this WITH????? Again, they FORCE us into debt and don’t give a feck!

    The Mayor where I live is a Tory, he own FIFTEEN HOUSES, 2 fields and some garages!!! He’ll be making a FORTUNE out of Housing Benefit, I’m sure…He spent £20,000 on ONE fecking PALM TREE a while back, bringing it over from Spain! Another £12,000 on 10 more, smaller ones, to put on the dual carriageway, where they’re dying from traffic fumes presently!

    Meanwhile, is People are falling apart!

    I googled just 3 MPs a while back..they owned over FIFTY HOUSES between them!!!!!!!

    HOW HAS THIS GREED AND INSANITY been allowed to happen?

    How much does Housing Benefit cost us????? The people who are being charged it get NOTHING from it, other than a usually grotty roof over their heads, for it goes to their Landlords…These people are also buying up all our housing stock, both council and private! Why aren’t they being stopped???? Because many of them are MPs?????? NO-ONE needs more than one home, two at most if your work forces you to live away…Yet, it’s become like MONOPOLY to some, just a game….So we use up more land to build more homes, and these people buy them all up and rent them out at vast amounts!

    Such corruption!

    Instead of cutting right back on this, cutting rents to TRULY AFFORDABLE levels, everywhere, not allowing them to rise, they take OUR PENSIONS AWAY and force us to try and find jobs, jobs which YOUNG people need!

    We CANNOT find these jobs! We are in our 60s!

    Which part of this do you all NOT understand?????????

    The END of my life is now going to be GRIM….and I will NEVER recover from it, emotionally. I will go to my grave HATING my country for becoming like this, HATING those who have done this and HATING all those who SUPPORT this being done….

    CRUEL BRITANNIA, where once, there was Community, Society, Support, Empathy and Compassion…I know because I have lived through these times.

    We have become a Psychopathic Country, letting sick, evil people be in positions of power, who reward their sick, crooked, corrupt and rich friends…and who loathe poor people, despise us…and couldn’t give two hoots what happens to us, laughing at us, saying ‘It’s all their fault!” ‘Let Them Eat Cake!”

    We WILL rise, somehow, we will, for you can only push people so far, take so much away..and when people have nothing left to lose, they implode!

    I won’t mind going to prison, I won’t have to pay bills..unless they’re now going to charge us for being in there, which they WERE thinking of, I believe, going back to the Victorian idea…

    Fuck it, just stick us all in Workhouses and be done with us, for this is NOT MY COUNTRY any longer..and the sooner I’m gone from this brutal, hard, selfish, inward looking world, the better…

    So, well done, DWP for turning GOOD PEOPLE, GOOD WOMEN into those who see no point in life any longer…..

    And A POX be upon ALL THOSE who DARE to laugh at us, or who DARE to insinuate that ANY of this is OUR fault!

    Sorry to implode all over your blog, but I’ve truly had enough, have always worn my heart on my sleeve and right now, my heart is totally, utterly broken by a system so brutal, run by a man SO BRUTAL that I no longer recognize the bloody WONDERFUL country which I grew up in!

  5. From you: “As I keep saying, the WASPI petition is of great importance, not for what it is arguing for but for what it is arguing against. It is arguing against change though change has already happened – just as HSBC were.”

    NO! The WASPI Campaign is is FOR the equalization of the pension ages of men and women!

    The Campaign is about the fact we were NOT INFORMED until the very end of our working lives, and even then, many were either not informed at all, were given just a few years notice, OR, only found out themselves are writing to the DWP about other things, such as NI contributions, as I did, they ONLY then informing me in their reply, NEVER INITIATING that information themselves.

    I was given just 6 years notice, FAR too late for to do anything at all, already a carer to Nanny, on a low income!

    When Steve Webb himself has had the courage and INTEGRITY to own up to this Life-Damaging Mistake why has this Pinnochio Parliament chosen to turn away, even from Steve himself?????

    This WILL cause the DEATHS of many women, Henry…without the shadow of a doubt!

    Please, correct your error, or, at the very least, have the integrity of Steve Webb to at least own up to it by adding a correction to it.

    Today, I went to see my GP, as I’m feeling so very, very down. I sobbed, all over her. She was so very kind, so compassionate.

    She told me I have Fire In My Belly and that somehow, I WILL get through this and she’s going to help me in every way she can.

    This should NOT BE HAPPENING, not to me, nor to ANY of us, for we have done NOTHING wrong at all, nothing…

  6. hoo4hearted says:

    The women who have grouped together under the banner known as WASPI are not against change. They’re not against equalisation of pension age either. This isn’t about having a bit of a moan because the Government decided to make a difficult decision in response to the demographic timebomb. Neither is it about being miffed because they decided that women’s SPA should be the same as men’s.

    Be clear this is about a shabby and incompetent implementation of something that has huge financial impact. It’s about the fact that an arbitrary line was drawn at a certain age group who never had equal pay in the first place and who commonly never even had employment rights which enabled them to join occupational pension schemes. It’s about the fact that having made a decision way back in 1995 that the government / Civil Service / DWP neglected either with deliberate intent or because they were incompetent to let women know that it would affect them.

    So in my case I knew pension was going to be equalised but I didn’t know when and how and to whom. I knew none of that because I’d never had anything to tell me. In my case I’d obtain a pensions statement in 2010 and in preparation for retirement in 2012. No mention of anything in that other than I’d be reaching retirement age on my 60th birthday. Then in 2011 I had another communication from the DWP relating to an occupational pension scheme enquiry and as part of my retirement preparation. Then just 3 months after all that and a mere 15 months before my 60th birthday I got a letter saying my pension date had been altered and pushed back by over 2 years! I’d actually just stopped working 3 weeks before this letter and because of my own minor health difficulties and also because my husband has leukaemia. I was in the fortunate position of being able to go back to work to pick up income but that’s not the point!

    I complained to the DWP and went up to Cabinet Office – well before WASPI arrived on the scene. I basically got a letter that said they’d have like to have told me before and they were sorry if I was misled by their previous correspondence but they were going through a lot of change! IDIOTS! So basically I and other women born in the 1950’s have been placed in position of detriment because of a bunch of morons who can’t even manage a significant transformation programme alongwith the necessary communications to people.

    This is unjust and unfair treatment by a bunch of idiots who can’t make difficult decisions and can’t do the right thing in terms of communicating what is not going to be politically popular and which has huge impact.

    1950’s women should not have to pay the price for this shambles and for sure they should not be put under duress and hardship just because some moron couldn’t write decent letters in timely fashion.

  7. Sandra says:

    I think this blog is kind of missing the main points here. If you suddenly found out you wouldn’t be able to retire for another 6 years and so have to find another 6 years income what would you do?

    Work? Ok, fine if you have a job already and are well enough to carry on doing it (this point could be debated on it’s own but i’ll stick to the facts for now), but for thousands the reality is this just means 6 years on JSA – what employer will hire a 60+ yr old in todays world?

    Maybe you could use an existing private pension pot? Many women of this generation do not have private pensions as it was a different time then when women were encouraged to stay at home and raise a family.

    Maybe if you knew about it in advance you could put by some savings in preparation? Absolutely but for so many this option was also denied them. They simply were not informed about the changes until very recently when it was too late to start putting arrangements in place.

    Ultimately you had a choice whether to accept that mortgage or not – these women have had no choice and are facing real financial difficulties as a result. The younger generations who will also be retiring later at least have adequate time to prepare for it, those born in the 50’s have none. And that is the heart of the issue…

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