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“Be fast. Have no regrets. You must be the first mover”.

  “Fast moving actuary” was once the title of a gossip column in Professional Pensions. It’s an intentional oxymoron, the actuary’s stock in trade is prudence – standing back. But “with a pandemic you can never act too early” and … Continue reading

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Don’t pander to pension populism! Zurich big-wig hits out at “freedoms”

“I have no time for populism” , was the astonishing rebuttal of top Zurich Insurance shrink Stefan Kroepfl. Kroepfl, who is global head of life business analysis – is no lightweight, nor was the discussion that ensued at this Dutch … Continue reading

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When ESG knocked at the White House

What has happened in America this week has surprised and delighted me. Donald Trump’s two advisory committees, staffed from the Chief Executives of big American business have been disbanded, or more properly disbanded themselves. The strategy and policy forum and the … Continue reading

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You want (pension) engagement? Ask Corbyn!

    How do you get youngsters interested in politics? How do you get youngsters interested in pensions? One and the same question IMO. Instead of sitting in “blue-sky” meetings, maybe we should be looking at what successful politicians have … Continue reading

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A war on climate Trump can’t win!

  If – as anticipated – Donald Trump goes to war on the climate and withdraws the USA from the Paris Accord – he will be the silliest politician since King Lear raged at the storm clouds! Not only will … Continue reading

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“Donald Trump… made me an alien”

On 1st January this year, Her Majesty The Queen made me a Knight of the Realm. On 27th January, President Donald Trump seems to have made me an alien. I am a British citizen who has lived in America for … Continue reading

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Theresa – first in a very short queue?

  Sometimes a cartoon will say more than words; this is such a cartoon, these are some times! Theresa May represents Britain and a set of values that are well know if not well articulated. In recent blogs I have … Continue reading

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The Alternative Fact? REPENT!

Vanity’s vulnerability Trump’s weak-spot has been exposed over the weekend. Confronted with photographic evidence that his Inauguration was not as well attended as his predecessor’s, he set his press team to work creating alternative facts. The American dictionary Webster tweeted … Continue reading

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Of discontents and malcontents

  Discontent is the first necessity of progress – Thomas A Edison. The negativity that surrounds “Washington” and a the feeling that politicians have let America diminish , spawns Trump and the ambiguos promises we had in his inauguration speech. … Continue reading

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Trump #Inauguration – fake views

Touchstones When I don’t know how to react to something, I follow the behaviours of people who do. It is a very good dictum! Trouble is ,some of the time, I think I know how to react and end up adopting positions … Continue reading

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