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Why do we need funds?

James Coney, formerly of the Daily Mail and now of the Times is a campaigning journalist who says it as he sees it- and that’s refreshingly transparent He is asking in an article the question that’s in the title of … Continue reading

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An occupational pension should be based on the realities of that occupation

Sometimes I am so confused by pension judgements that I just stare blindly into the middle distance and sigh. I feel that way reading and re-reading the judgement handed down by the Supreme Court about firefighters and their pensions. I … Continue reading

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Hottest day of the year!

In France yesterday , the temperature in the south was recorded at 49.5 C – a national record and so hot that you don’t even want to think about it. But no hotter than is suffered by billions every day … Continue reading

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Farewell to the Pension Play Pen lunch

  After nearly 12 years of monthly lunches, I have decided to discontinue the Pension Play Pension Lunch. There will be no lunch on Monday July 1st so please do not go to the Counting House. 12 years is a … Continue reading

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The trouble with conformity – USS latest

  The dissenting voice has long been upheld in British Universities. Minority opinions are valued as an antidote to received wisdom which all too often degenerates into herd-like conformity. So I worry when I read the justification that the USS … Continue reading

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Darren Cooke – outstanding contribution

For those not at the Money Market Awards, here is the speech I gave in praise of Darren Cooke who rightly won recognition for his work and his spirit. Thanks Darren Outstanding contribution to the profession This year’s award will … Continue reading

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UK BAU – Nigel Wilson – L&G

Not for the first time I have been encouraged in my work by L&G’s CEO Nigel Wilson. There have been times when this has been face to face, this morning it was on Radio 5’s Wake up to Money. Nigel … Continue reading

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One life – one retirement – two regulators

Yesterday’s Pension and Benefits UK conference kicked off with consecutive speech’s from TPR CEO Charles Counsell and the FCA’s Edwyn Schooling Latter. Counsell delivered a staid and unambitious rehearsal of tPR’s agenda and frankly I was bored. Schooling Latter spoke … Continue reading

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Lady Godiva , Neil Woodford and Peeping Tom

  I have taken to reading some of the commentary about what’s going on with this chap Neil Woodford because it’s generally guff and makes me laugh. This blog makes me laugh (and cry) out loud. It’s entitled “Benefits of … Continue reading

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New research shows BSPS transfers driven by fear not greed.

  I have on my google drive a piece of research conducted by one of my friends – a steelworker himself – who was one of the main pillars of support for steelworkers faced with the hard choice of whether … Continue reading

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