Hottest day of the year!

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In France yesterday , the temperature in the south was recorded at 49.5 C – a national record and so hot that you don’t even want to think about it. But no hotter than is suffered by billions every day in poorer parts of the world.

Today it may get to 35C around London, still an amount of heat many of us will struggle with. I will be on Lady Lucy with a hat  and a pair of swimming trunks, taking the boat down to Windsor or up to Reading as my guests choose.

We are being warned not to jump into the Thames to cool off. I will not heed that warning!

Lucky us.

We are lucky because these temperatures are freaks. Others have to live with them all the time. They don’t have a Thames to jump into, or any water at all. What water they can get is filthy, people die of water.

We may not be so lucky in the future, it may be that the change in the world climate normalise extremes of weather.

I don’t want to leave an arid world for the generations that follow me.

Lady Lucy

Today is going to be great – I know it. Next week is Henley and the boat is full on all days. It is great to enjoy the British countryside from the luxury of a 1946 wooden cabin cruiser and if you’d like to come later in the year you can.

You can book your date using this link.  The boat is free to use but not to abuse, please be prepared if you come to chat with me, your skipper and remember to bring some food and drink to share with other passengers and the captain!

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