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Pension Bee ask “who’s Robin who?”

  Pension Bee don’t play by the rules. They are a pension provider that isn’t run by actuaries. They give support to their customers through enthusiastic bee-keepers. They run an efficient pension savings plan that offers everyone access to quality funds with a minimum … Continue reading

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Don’t ignore the Pensions Regulator.

A cautionary tale was published on the Pensions Regulator’s website yesterday. There’s not much point embellishing the statement made by tPR. If you’re organisation runs an occupational pension scheme, then it has to disclose to the Pensions Regulator when they ask for … Continue reading

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Bill Galvin – on accountability at #USS

If Jo Cumbo hadn’t mentioned it I’d have missed it. Bill Galvin- erstwhile CEO of the Pensions Regulator and now boss of the University Superannuation Scheme wrote a thought piece on the USS blog – it’s here. It’s a meditation … Continue reading

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Isn’t it time we thought of pensions as insurance (again)?

  Yesterday, I wrote of the positive future that I saw for collective schemes, if they could rid themselves of the pernicious effects of financial economics. I based my arguments on my perceptions of the impact of mark to market … Continue reading

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A rosier view for pensions.

I’ve promised the guys (and it’s almost exclusively men) who’ve been involved in a week long debate on twitter, this article. I  have asked been asked for positive arguments for measuring pension liabilities against the cost of meeting them (rather … Continue reading

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Bill Whitehead – well remembered.

Yesterday was a very moving day for those of us who knew Bill (Will) Whitehead. Thanks to Liz and the children for sharing such a dignified day with grace and humour. I met Bill while at Gissings. We worked with him at … Continue reading

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FABI surplus continues to soar, as USS accounting deficit falls dramatically.

Much like daily temperatures , First Actuarial’s Best estimate (FAB) Index soared through  June , and the heat is on for those who’ve weaponised accounting deficits. The Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) has announced a dramatic fall in 2018. The FAB Index – which provides … Continue reading

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Pension Sharks are free to prey on the vulnerable – (David Byers)

    Pension freedoms” sound enticing, don’t they? Introduced in 2015, they give you the chance to liberate that sluggish old pot — often worth hundreds of thousands of pounds — and reinvest it with unprecedented flexibility. Or, if you … Continue reading

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Putting the dashboard in room 101!

Ok it was only a bit of fun. Chris Curry of the Pension Policy Institute suggested we put the Pensions Minister in Room 101; Robert Ellison, wearing the scars of Carillion, suggested the DWP put the Pensions Regulator in Room 101 and … Continue reading

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A phoney campaign from incompetent yanks. BOGUS!

I wonder how many journalists got this email yesterday. Tomorrow, the Your Pension Your Choice campaign formally launches, urging the Government to revise rules that unfairly trap 5 million retirees in the UK. The campaign is calling for all retirees, … Continue reading

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