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Mr Equity and Mr Bond – can they be friends? (Moshe Milevsky on pioneering pensions)

This is a really excellent discussion between Steffan Lundberg and Moshe Milevsky. Moshe literally wrote the book on what the Americans call “modern tontines” and what Royal Mail calls a wage for life (an AgeWage). It’s called “How to Build … Continue reading

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Adrian Boulding – let’s look back with wonder!

Seven years ago I walked into this office above Tesco Bishopsgate. Sitting alongside many talented people I’ve watched as NOW: Pensions has gone from strength to strength. Last day today. pic.twitter.com/xKP97OMr18 — Adrian Boulding (@AdrianBoulding) July 28, 2022 When Adrian … Continue reading

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CDC without the scheme – Stefan Lundbergh

Stefan Lundbergh Director Cardano Insights The global challenge in pensions is to solve the pay-out phase. A popular vision, among pension policy people, is to introduce a life-long income but without the drawbacks of annuities. In the UK, many advocate … Continue reading

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Three quarters of Uber workers are muslim; they have no Sharia investment option.

People reading this headline will be entitled to ask, how did that happen? Workplace pensions are chosen by employers, or in the case of Uber, by their “workplace solutions” provider. Did Uber choose NOW Pensions or did Uber follow Adecco? … Continue reading

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“It’s all about the framing” – Stefan Lundbergh on ‘de-risking’ our pension pots

This article was first published on linked in It’s well worth following Stefan and indeed linking in to him as he has a range of good articles on that platform. A new one is coming on pension choice – always … Continue reading

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Pension news, for NOW, Widows and the Dashboard!

  Restoring confidence I’ve been pleased by a lot of pensions news this week, including the master trust authorisation of the Scottish Widows (formerly Zurich) master trust and – more importantly NOW’s master trust. The latter is especially gratifying as … Continue reading

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“CDC could solve freedoms issue”-Boulding

Scanning the depressing progression of fake news on my linked in timeline, my eye was caught by a very odd post indeed. There’s a lot going on here and I decided to probe the link to what Adrian is saying.  … Continue reading

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Pots follow meerkats?

We all know the problem but it was well put in a recent NOW pensions press release. “There has been a stratospheric rise in pension saving since the introduction of auto enrolment. The ONS data shows that active membership of … Continue reading

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Pension Bee ask “who’s Robin who?”

  Pension Bee don’t play by the rules. They are a pension provider that isn’t run by actuaries. They give support to their customers through enthusiastic bee-keepers. They run an efficient pension savings plan that offers everyone access to quality funds with a minimum … Continue reading

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Trial by twitter’s fine by me!

An IFA withdraws its transfer service complaining it’s the victim of “trial by twitter”. Accountability is something that falls hard on adviser’s shoulders. Because we are in the business of longer term investment, the outcomes of our advice will typically … Continue reading

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