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Gamestop is not a morality tale

I came across  this article on Robin Powell’s TEBI blog . Robin put me in touch with co-author Alex Friedman and it is published with his permission, the original can be found here. The very best articles are written by … Continue reading

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We’re racing time – let’s ride this second wave to safety!

Taking with my son yesterday, he mentioned that for first time since the return of the Italian ski set back in March 2020, that the pandemic was impacting  young middle class people in South West London. He mentioned various friends … Continue reading

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Let’s start the run up to Christmas with compassion

Many will recognise Anita Boniface as a financial journalist but she is also involved with the Prison Fellowship, a charity that gives hope to prisoners when they need it. We know of Crisis at Christmas, but for those in prison, … Continue reading

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The Regulator’s not for turning; in conversation with David Fairs,

  David Fairs and I were born within a couple of months and have both spent our careers in pensions. We enjoy each other’s company so when David suggested that we spent the last 90 minutes of the business week … Continue reading

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More protest at the DB funding code! When will it end?

An anonymous person writes. I am bound like Ixion to a wheel and must publish. Hot on the heels of Clacher and Keating’s excoriation of the skin and bones I have gleaned from the interweb, I get by carrier pigeon … Continue reading

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#UKPA – rewarding in a virtual way – come on AgeWage !

At 4pm this afternoon, we will be virtually attending the UK Pension Awards with faint hopes that my start-up AgeWage will pick up some kind of recognition for our work. I’ve bragged before about being up for four awards and … Continue reading

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What will be the Government’s pension agenda for 2021?

This article is about the DWP’s pension policy agenda and my view of what matters to the Pensions Minister and his department. Opperman has shown considerable leadership in recent years and my view is that he is in a strong … Continue reading

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Association of Pension Lawyers dubious about tPR’s DB funding code

      Editor’s note Apologies to the APL and to readers for the poor reproduction of Rosalind Connor’s letter. This is due to the shortcomings of my PDF reading rather than a failure of the APL to correctly format … Continue reading

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Want to live longer? Get a pension!

So – being a value for money kind of guy, I see my pensions as my financial incentive for drinking less and going to the gym. I  want to be a happy, financially solvent pensioner for a  very long time – for as long as I live Continue reading

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Pension scams reported at just £10m a year?

The truth is that the FCA do not have a number for the amount that leaks out of the system through dodgy advice.  The resources at their disposal to stop scamming are so small that they cannot even report on the proper size of the problem. Continue reading

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