#UKPA – rewarding in a virtual way – come on AgeWage !

At 4pm this afternoon, we will be virtually attending the UK Pension Awards with faint hopes that my start-up AgeWage will pick up some kind of recognition for our work.

I’ve bragged before about being up for four awards and I am proud that we are competing against some very large organizations for some very “coveted” gongs.





I do believe that the AgeWage scoring system has applications across DC and it is right that we used this platform to put our best foot forwards.

With start ups , the value proposition changes. What we wrote for the judges was pre-lockdown, before the two mighty papers on value for money from DWP and FCA and certainly before the implications of the pandemic had sunk in.

Britain needs open pensions and so does AgeWage. We can only prosper with the free flow of data between providers and the various dashboards that people will use to manage their retirement affairs.

For all the unreality of a virtual awards ceremony, the platform given small firms like AgeWage to be viewed alongside many of the behemoths is valuable both to us and our rivals in the judge’s affections.

Wish us well!

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6 Responses to #UKPA – rewarding in a virtual way – come on AgeWage !

  1. Adrian Boulding says:

    AgeWage deserves an award!

  2. Martin T says:


    We sometimes disagree but I always find your blog thought provoking and a useful hub resource with links to the work of others. If it was nominated for an award I’d support that as well. In the meantime good luck for tonight.

  3. Martin T says:


    We might sometimes disagree but I always find your blog thought provoking and a useful hub resource for links to the work of others. In addition to AgeWage I’d support your blog for an award too.
    In the meantime Good Luck for tonight AgeWage!

    PS Adrian and I seem to have upset the system by clicking ‘post comment’ simultaneously!

  4. Robert says:

    Wishing you and the AgeWage team all the best for this afternoon 👏

  5. henry tapper says:

    Thanks to everyone, The results were mercifully brief and though we didn’t win – we liked being at the top of each shortlist! When I look back, I see I wrote our submissions at the beginning of January, Bobby Riddaway tells me they were judged in March and the results announced in October. it is all the more commendable – considering the stellar year they’ve had in the meantime, that Pension Bee won their category!

  6. Martin T says:

    To follow your logic on topping the lists of nominees maybe next year you’ll be competing against AAA Aardvark Advisory.

    More seriously, congratulations on getting to the finals, that’s a great achievement for anyone, let a lone a young start-up.

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