WTF- AgeWage wins 4 nominations for UKP awards!

I got a call from a journalist friend of mine congratulating AgeWage on being nominated for a Professional Pensions UK Pensions Award.  I thought it was a wind up – but being a vain sort, I thought to see if there was any substance in this.

I googled UK Pension Awards and found this.

UKPA date

But then my heart fell, for the screen switched to this…


When you think of all the money in pensions, all the innovation – all the brilliant minds, how could a small start-up, setting out to change the world possibly be recognized to be among the best?

I sadly scrolled down , looking for the great organisations that Professional Pensions had picked as finalists, hoping that one day I’d see AgeWage’s name. And then I saw this!


i blinked, I rose from my chair and I ran whooping and hollering around the 7th Floor of my WeWork  – except I was the only person on the 7th floor. So I went back to my laptop and scrolled down and  found this


and then this


and the very last award showed this!


And I was so proud!

Thank you Professional Pensions

Thank you Professional Pensions for thinking outside the box and finalizing AgeWage four times. Let’s hope by October we’ll be able to meet in the Brewery and have a night of it.

Till then we will bask in the reflective glory of those whom we compete against and dream that one day, we will be as good as them!

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6 Responses to WTF- AgeWage wins 4 nominations for UKP awards!

  1. John Pengelly says:

    Congratulations Henry. Much deserved.

  2. Adrian Boulding says:

    Well done everyone on the AgeWage team. Adrian

  3. Brian G says:

    Congratulations Henry.

  4. Jim Parsons says:

    Congratulations Henry

  5. Robert says:

    Congratulations Henry and everyone on the AgeWage team.


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