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Aegon stung into action by the Bee!

Let your people go! It looks like Aegon has backed down and agreed to treat its customers wishing to transfer to PensionBee, fairly. This report, based on what appears to be a press release from Aegon, suggests that Aegon will … Continue reading

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Towards common data standards for auto-enrolment

The Chartered Institute for Payroll and Pension Professionals and their “Friends of AE” stitched me up with writing up the output of a working group comprising a lot of old’uns and a couple of delightful “young’uns”. Here, for the general enlightenment of others and the … Continue reading

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Price isn’t everything

Price isn’t everything but it is where many employer’s heads are today. The trick is to move the argument on from price but this can only be done once we have got bad practice out of the system for all time.

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