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Has our attitude to wealth changed with Covid or with Brexit?

COVID may be the excuse, but the political swing occasioned by Brexit is what may drive change. Continue reading

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DB Funding Code of Practice Consultation Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?[1]

The Long-Term Objective (LTO): introduction Central to this consultation on the principles to be used by the new code is the new requirement that all DB schemes should have the same long-term objective (LTO)-that all schemes adopt as their LTO … Continue reading

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The USA – a land where E S and G are becoming dirty factors

While last week saw the DWP mandating master trusts to align with the TCFD, across the pond the US authorities were putting the fear of God into plan sponsors daring to do the same. Continue reading

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Dangling temptation in our way – DB transfers in a time of pandemic

Why oh why do we continue to dangle these over-inflated DB transfer values? They aren’t prudent and are an offence to the millions who face personal hardship at this time. Continue reading

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The COVID-19 Actuaries 20th Friday report (thanks Nicola, Stuart and Dan)

If the thought of a second lockdown is stressing you, then perhaps have a go at ‘scream therapy’. Iceland is marketing itself as the perfect place to let your frustrations out and is offering interested parties to let off steam by recording their screams and having them played over a loudspeaker in a remote part of the country. Continue reading

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Want to live longer? Get a pension!

So – being a value for money kind of guy, I see my pensions as my financial incentive for drinking less and going to the gym. I  want to be a happy, financially solvent pensioner for a  very long time – for as long as I live Continue reading

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Why your pension records – like your medicals – should be yours by right

This blog sets out for the first time a fundamental right of the retirement saver, a right to see their pension record in a digitally readable format. Continue reading

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Scheme Funding – “Law and Practice” or “guesswork”

The elimination of metric-induced herding, goal displacement and short-termism might actually free us to pursue a strategy for providing pensions over the long term Continue reading

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Changing the way our pensions work

I expect that those few remaining trustees and members of IGCs and GAAs who are in denial of the value of ESG, will – in the face of the forthcoming Act and the detail within the consultation, step down. Continue reading

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“Velvet glove- iron fist” – the DWP get punchy with trustees on TCFD disclosures

We cannot continue with the current tail of under-governed , under invested and under-performing small schemes for ever. By setting the bar at £1bn for a single employer occupational scheme and including all multi-employer trust based schemes – the DWP is making its intentions clear Continue reading

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