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PensionBee’s Annual Report

  This is a blog about PensionBee. If you don’t think that retail pensions can ever provide value for money and you see Pension Bee as the “yellow peril”, click away. This blog celebrates PensionBee as it celebrates the Royal … Continue reading

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Safe harbor proposals for DC transfers to qualifying SIPPs

With over 70 people on the call, Pension Playpen’s coffee morning – featuring Pension Bee’s Romi Savova was a lively event. Sadly, some of the more vociferous critics of Pension Bee’s complaint to the Minister couldn’t  attend but it was … Continue reading

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Can Trustees, SIPPS and lawyers provide DWP with agreed rules on DC transfers?

Six years ago, no-one had heard of PensionBee; it was a start-up operating out of a serviced office in the Borough with a handful of staff, a scanner and some very good coders who knew their way around Salesforce. Rather … Continue reading

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Pension Bee buzzes off MaPS’ investment pathway tool

      There are three good reasons for personal pension providers offering unadvised drawdown to  participate in MaPS/ MoneyHelper’s “Investment pathway comparison tool”. It helps consumers make informed choices It is commercially advantageous Non-participation risks public censure. In a … Continue reading

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Pentechs – time for us to get organised?

  I’m running a meeting in WeWork Moorgate on 4th March at 4pm. The seminar is for people who are serious about pensions technology as a service. I mean technology as a means of improving the efficiency and value for … Continue reading

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“I want help with my pensions – who should I talk with?”

My answer to this question on the first day of Advent 2019 is very different from the answer I’d given a year ago. Back then I was confident that TPAS, which was about to become the Single Financial Guidance Body … Continue reading

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Aegon stung into action by the Bee!

Let your people go! It looks like Aegon has backed down and agreed to treat its customers wishing to transfer to PensionBee, fairly. This report, based on what appears to be a press release from Aegon, suggests that Aegon will … Continue reading

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PensionBee stands up to the bullies at Aegon.

Let my people go This story begins with an interview between Adrian Grace, CEO of Aegon and Professional Adviser. Grace tells Laura Miller “The old world doesn’t work anymore. We believe that by agitating the market, there will be more … Continue reading

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