Pentechs – time for us to get organised?


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I’m running a meeting in WeWork Moorgate on 4th March at 4pm. The seminar is for people who are serious about pensions technology as a service. I mean technology as a means of improving the efficiency and value for money of what pensions professionals do.

You can come to the meeting by registering here.

So what’s on offer?

Gavin Littlejohn will explain his organisation FDATA and how setting up a UK pensions chapter is the best way of bringing pension technologists together , to argue to government – regulators and those parts of the pensions industry looking to adopt new technology, how this could work.

Romi Savova , who sits on the implementation group of the Pensions Dashboard project, will be talking about the work she does , the headwinds she faces and ways that pension technologists could work better together.

Henry Tapper will chair the meeting and look at a concrete proposal that would lead to the formation of the Pentech chapter.

The meeting will break around 5.30 and will be followed by a chance for participants to discuss these ideas over drinks and nibbles.

Is it for you?

This is a meeting about getting things done and is for people who wish to seriously engage with regulators and the industry on improving the use of available technology.

If you are involved in providing software as a service to pension organisations you should consider representing your organisation.

If you are running a pension related service and are looking to integrate with new technologies you should consider representing your organisation.

If you are neither of the above but interested in the policy and consumer implications of adopting new technology you should consider coming.

I’d like to say we have space for everyone but we haven’t. We are already finding a lot of interest and if you are wanting to come to this meeting, I’d suggest you register now.

Register here


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