In a fighting mood!

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Tyson Fury

Having been up watching the #FuryWilder2 I’m in a fighting mood. Well done the Gipsy King. I’ve been watching the documentaries – especially the sight of Tyson Fury spending his money. Nobody begrudges this man his lifestyle and I don’t even begrudge BT sport their £25. I got value for money and I hope some of my money finds its way into Tyson’s back pocket.

Michael Johnson

It’s good to see Michael Johnson back and posting his post election/post Brexit thoughts on Linked in

The public sector needs some “squeaky wheels”, people who are catalysts for change (“squeaky” because you can hear them coming; an investment banking term). You may not like his style, but Dominic Cummings is one of them. He would appear to be intent upon catalysing a cultural change across the public sector, starting within the Westminster village. This will, hopefully, enhance the status of the technically-minded at the heart of government, a prerequisite for confronting our productivity malaise. ….

In parallel, Cummings may like to consider another root cause of our woeful productivity; the over-financialisation of our economy. We are making less and less that is useful, and creating less and less that is valuable. The UK has some 586,000 members of the major accounting bodies, more than the rest of the EU put together (France and Germany each have roughly 34,000). My imagination fails me in identifying how bean-counting to such a degree benefits productivity.

In addition, we do not need at least half of the financial services industry, nor 80% of fund managers. To misquote Sir Winston Churchill: never is so much being taken by so few from so many, and for so little in return.


James Coney

I wanted to read more but found that I’d run out of articles I could read this week on my limited Times subscription

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For us to earn a crust, we need people to pay us money. And before John Mather gets in a lather – many IFAs – like James, Michael and Tyson – deliver the goods and don’t have problems getting paid

Paul Lewis

I don’t begrudge good people getting paid.  Expecting something for nothing is as bad ad charging for nothing.  Paul Lewis’ wry poke at those who expect Paul to work for nothing

Value for money

Good luck to Tyson Fury, BT sport, Michael Johnson , James Coney and Paul Lewis. You are all giving me value for money this morning (especially Michael who doesn’t get paid).

No luck to Chase de Vere, Paul’s un-named Summit organiser or to Michael’s 586,000 accountants . If you aren’t delivering value for money , then we begrudge you the money.

I doubt anybody, including Tyson Fury, knows how much he was paid so fee transparency isn’t as important (to me) if the product is brilliant.

I don’t need to boast about it, but this blog (which has over 4000 articles on it) is free to everyone and I hope you value it.

value for money



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