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Here be dragons – Z59; Con Keating

Many of the opponents of CDC pensions have argued that, if introduced, they should be tightly regulated, as they are “untried and untested”. Some have even suggested that the Dutch system of regulation, with its stochastic models, risk buffers and … Continue reading

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Here’s to pensioners enjoying their pensions!

I’m on the Flying Scotsman to York (the Yorkshireman). My carriage is full of pensioners (including me), people thanking their lucky stars they’ve got the chance to ride behind this famous loco and sit in a beautiful compartment. And the … Continue reading

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Beware the cuckoos in the NEST

The NEST insight conference was held yesterday in the old assembly hall of the City of London School. Nowadays, the hall is an auditorium for JP Morgan who hosted and delivered a keynote on the changing needs of today’s pensioners (Apparantly … Continue reading

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Are investment pathways the remedy to the problems of drawdown? (Thoughts on FCA’s Retirement Outcomes Paper)

Nearly a year has gone by since the publication of the FCA’s Interim report into Retirement Outcomes (July 17). Today we have the full report and you can read its summary here. and the full paper  is in the link below CP18/7 This is a quick heads up on the … Continue reading

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A consultation on who waggles the willy

Having moaned yesterday that I couldn’t find it – today I’m moaning that now I have, I shouldn’t have bothered! I don’t want to intrude into private grief but that’s what the DWP’s consultation following its publication of the DB … Continue reading

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The DB white paper consultation- is it a scam, a closed shop or just a cock-up?

      As one of the DWP’s “stakeholders”, I got this message in my inbox yesterday. “I wanted to make you aware that the DWP has published a consultation for A Stronger Regulator today covering elements of its White … Continue reading

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Save us from the Savinisters!

  Phil Young has written a wonderfully funny article in Money Marketing that’s full of insight. He lays into the lazy thinking at insurance companies that promotes saving at all costs. He doesn’t us the word “Savinisters” (I may have … Continue reading

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“Right in theory, wrong in practice” – the great funding debate.

t The antediluvian clash of Titans that has been waged on twitter since late last week shows no sign of abatement. As I watched the Winter’s Tale at the Globe, seven bells were being knocked out of Messrs Ralfe and Brown … Continue reading

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Do YOU need a financial adviser in retirement?

The argument is central to most pension debates at the moment. There are some who would have everyone who reach 55 meet with an adviser. Others who would limit the pension freedoms to those prepared to pay advisers to manage … Continue reading

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The loneliness of the long-distance saver

My heart goes out to Jo Cumbo as she pours over her provider statement. Jo is on the employer governance committee for the FT’s own workplace pension (I won’t mention the contract provider but it’s a household name). Here she … Continue reading

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