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Fintech must Bee for a clear purpose

I’m looking forward to a breakfast meeting at the CSFI to hear a conversation between Romi Savova and several sceptics who don’t get the Pension Bee proposition. As I’ve mentioned on this blog several times, I admire Pension Bee and … Continue reading

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The FCA can excel; the “non-workplace pension” paper’s a model of its kind

Henry Tapper and Pension PlayPen response to FCA’s paper DP18/1 Effective competition in non-workplace pensions This is the response of Henry Tapper and the Pension PlayPen. It is not a response on behalf of any other organisation that Henry Tapper … Continue reading

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£500 “wealth cheques” written by those “just getting by”.

First the facts The Treasury has upped the amount savers will be able to draw from their pensions to pay for financial advice from £500 to £1,500. In August, the Government set out plans for a £500 “pensions advice allowance” … Continue reading

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Tax-subsidies on retirement advice; a waste of public funds!

The Government intends to extend tax breaks on pensions to allow those with pension pots to use them to pay for advice. The details are in this consultation document. The fundamental premise is that taking financial advice on retirement matters … Continue reading

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Research and Development in Financial Advice

The Financial Conduct Authority has published the results of its survey of firms providing financial advice. The results make for depressing reading. Of the sample, 72% of firms said that customers’ preference for personal interaction with an adviser was a … Continue reading

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What price advice?

The principal purpose of the Financial Advice Market Review carried out by the FCA and sponsored by Harriet Baldwin (Chief Economic Secretary to the Treasury) is to broaden the availability of advice to ordinary people. Critical to the purchasing of … Continue reading

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Britain unproductive? Small wonder!

“Now is not the time to change pensions tax relief”. The words of the Treasury’s press release that spelt the end of radical pensions reform (for now). Oh what an opportunity missed – and for what? To keep a party … Continue reading

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Those FAMR reccomendations in full

And if you prefer them as a cut out and paste slideshow to amaze friends and relatives with….

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What has the financial services industry learned from auto-enrolment?

The first lesson that the financial services is learning from auto-enrolment is that consumer purchasing cannot be predicted on the basis of past performance. Continue reading

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“10 years too early, 10 years too late” – CDC stands on on an empty platform

Nearly eight years ago, the Government Actuary ‘s Department produced  a paper that effectively killed CDC. It argued that CDC could not be relied upon to deliver benefits with the same certainty as our DB system and that there was no … Continue reading

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