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Keating and Clacher debunk LDI

Risk and DB Pension Scheme Funding Iain Clacher & Con Keating If only that Dilbert cartoon had been published fifteen or twenty years ago, we might have seen very different outcomes from the rise of ‘de-risking’ strategies, liability driven investment … Continue reading

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CETVS – tasty or toxic carrrots?

  Peter is not the only person who has commented on my blog yesterday. I know that people value the right to transfer their defined benefits to a pot which gives them freedom from pensions. Peter is right that some … Continue reading

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Will technology save lifestyle?

No sooner have I published a blog announcing that AgeWage is embarking on research on how lifestyle has actually done, than I read a post in Professional Pensions from Julius Pursaill explaining how a master trust he advises is going … Continue reading

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Has lifestyling worked? Who knows?

Who knows! Lifestyling – (sometimes called “life-cycling”) in DC pensions means adjusting the asset allocation of a pension pot to meet changing circumstances as people prepare to crystallise their pension pot(s). A crystallisation is a transaction which sees an encashment … Continue reading

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“The best use of our resources”

  This article is from Dave Brooks ( @pensionsdave) ,Technical Director at Broadstone. It was originally published here. It is a good contribution to the debate which has raged on this blog.  The trickiest balancing act that The Pensions Regulator … Continue reading

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DB transfers;- we understand the crime – but not the causes of crime.

    The FCA has published the second of its analyses of the DB transfer market which shows how the trend to “de-risk” DB liabilities by buying out liabilities through CETVs  has continued apace. This article argues that – blameworthy … Continue reading

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Time to put a stop to the pseudo-science of life-styling

For 25 years, “life-styling” has been the accepted wisdom for defined contribution pension schemes in the UK. Pension experts now use the phrase without thought to the confusion of a public for whom lifestyle means something altogether different from the … Continue reading

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Are John and Norma right – are we facing the end of mass-retirement?

@JosephineCumbo could you pls explain why “open” DB schemes are less risky than closed schemes, and should therefore be subject to weaker funding requirements? “Josephine Cumbo: Open and closed case @@corpadviser https://t.co/u3loRiZxB6 — John Ralfe (@JohnRalfe1) October 30, 2020 The … Continue reading

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Who pays for us doing nothing? Pension schemes and the poor!

Crikey, that’s some chart. But, what does it mean for future of credit etc? 1. Those who are attractive to lend to don’t need or want credit 2. Those who need credit most are not attractive to lend to. This … Continue reading

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Have DB pensions dodged the Beeching bullet?

When the Pensions Regulator launched its DB funding consultation earlier in the year, I thought it a “slam dunk”.  Back then it was already clear the world was in the grip of a pandemic and the paper presaged what was … Continue reading

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