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Is there a golden investment pathway? I say there is!

  If you were building a pathway you wouldn’t start in the middle, you’d want to know your start and end points and plan the whole route. Starting in the middle would mean taking some arbitrary judgments on future and … Continue reading

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What will lifestyle buy me?

“What will Lifestyle buy me?” is a great question.  It’s one posed by a lady in a discussion group I’m a part of – looking at how we measure  and use value for money as a measure – in workplace … Continue reading

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Time to put a stop to the pseudo-science of life-styling

For 25 years, “life-styling” has been the accepted wisdom for defined contribution pension schemes in the UK. Pension experts now use the phrase without thought to the confusion of a public for whom lifestyle means something altogether different from the … Continue reading

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Con Keating asks “Does life-styling make sense?”

  In the course of my recent work on value for money metrics, I have come across several schemes which apply life styling to older ages and many have argued that these strategies merit a benchmark which differs from the … Continue reading

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So how am I preparing my finances for retirement?

  The question, I got asked the other days was what I was doing for myself – rather than what I’m telling others to do – as I prepare for retirement. In summary-I am adopting a wait and see strategy. … Continue reading

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Another year older..

I am not a year older – I am two years younger than I was five years ago – at least I’m two years further from retirement (relatively speaking). Continue reading

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Why target date funds have been slow to catch on

with all the headwinds in the favour of TDFs and against Lifestyle it’s hard to see why insurers aren’t switching to TDFs Continue reading

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PlayPen votes for target date funds in action-packed lunch

In one of the noisiest and most passionate lunches we’ve ever had the playpen voted 15-7-3 for TDFs vLifestyle with 3 spoilt votes from the “we don’t do default” gang. This was a lunch where we were pretty well split between … Continue reading

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In the DC garden, all is not a bed of roses

I’ve been reading the latest report from the Friends Life Workplace Savings Index which you too can  read by pressing this link. The report is powered by DCisions, an organisation that crunches numbers and produces reports on people’s pension investments. I … Continue reading

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I outsourced my pension fund to a Fiduciary Manager (but didn’t know it)

I discovered I’d outsourced my personal pension fund to a Fiduciary Manager. So had all my colleagues, so had 90% of the 14,000 personal pension holders who are my clients and so had the trustees and sponsors of all the Schemes I’d been involved in at Zurich and Eagle Star Continue reading

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