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The human cost of marking our pensions to the market

  The debate at the CSFI mid week between Norma Cohen and John Ralfe on one side and Jon Spain and Dennis Leech on the other – seems to have focussed on the economics of pensions. I’d like to widen … Continue reading

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Fintech must Bee for a clear purpose

I’m looking forward to a breakfast meeting at the CSFI to hear a conversation between Romi Savova and several sceptics who don’t get the Pension Bee proposition. As I’ve mentioned on this blog several times, I admire Pension Bee and … Continue reading

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Ways of staying financially strong in later life

I normally write about money, particularly about saving for retirement. Over the last couple of evenings, I’ve been lucky enough to attend two excellent discussions, not about saving, but about creating an infrastructure around you in later years that makes those … Continue reading

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Not so fast – Mr Robot!

  Telling moment during the Lockton Global Forum today: Mike Tyler refers to the famous study BMW did comparing performance levels between a production line with older workers with a line on younger workers. Delegate from BMW speaks up: “I … Continue reading

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