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Guess what! USS isn’t bust any more!

To no great surprise for readers of this blog, the notional deficit on the USS pension scheme has all but gone away , at least according to an interim valuation of assets and liabilities in March this year. In two … Continue reading

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CDC without the scheme – Stefan Lundbergh

Stefan Lundbergh Director Cardano Insights The global challenge in pensions is to solve the pay-out phase. A popular vision, among pension policy people, is to introduce a life-long income but without the drawbacks of annuities. In the UK, many advocate … Continue reading

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SMPI – unlike Scampi – remains indigestible.

    The Financial Reporting Council are looking to standardise the expectations given to millions of DC savers as to what their savings are likely to get them when they retire. For some bizarre reason, this process is still known … Continue reading

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Private equity – does the sausage match the sizzle?

  Private markets are being touted as the promised land for retail investors. They off “milk and honey” at a time when the traditional asset classes can barely feed us locusts. At the PLSA conference, some managers I spoke to … Continue reading

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Will I ever own a car again?

After 200,000 miles of careless ownership, this old friend will be towed away today — Henry Tapper (@henryhtapper) May 28, 2022 To my embarrassment, I own a car. I haven’t driven it since Christmas, it sits unloved on a … Continue reading

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Cushon’s positive approach to valuing our money

After two days in Edinburgh it was a relief to watch a debate on the value of pension saving that actually focussed on saving for pensions! Well done Cushon for sponsoring and for getting Steve Webb and Ros Altman talking … Continue reading

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Investment wallahs – please pay attention – your public is waiting!

  The PLSA investment conference is over and I am returning to London by train. I’m surprised that so many delegates took the plane, perhaps TCFD doesn’t include the people recording it. I’m surprised too that Fred Berry and Sarah … Continue reading

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The Long COVID Survivor Corps ( a social media success) By Gordon Woo for COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group – Learn. Share. Educate. Influence. Summary There is intrinsic uncertainty in associating a deterioration of health with an illness suffered months earlier. Where the prevalence of an illness is on … Continue reading

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Dame Deanne Julius – “we are on the hinge of history”

Deanne Julius opened the 2022 PLSA investment conference with a statement “Real life is not a bed of roses” She asked a crowded hall “Is it too early to say that 2022 was when the world changed?” and spent her … Continue reading

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Inflation stalks the halls of the PLSA conference.

  The PLSA’s Edinburgh conference is for a second time happening in the midst of turmoil. Yesterday’s event started with a montage of footage beginning in March 2020 when the event last took place and taking us to today reminding … Continue reading

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