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Dame Deanne Julius – “we are on the hinge of history”

Deanne Julius opened the 2022 PLSA investment conference with a statement “Real life is not a bed of roses” She asked a crowded hall “Is it too early to say that 2022 was when the world changed?” and spent her … Continue reading

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Inflation stalks the halls of the PLSA conference.

  The PLSA’s Edinburgh conference is for a second time happening in the midst of turmoil. Yesterday’s event started with a montage of footage beginning in March 2020 when the event last took place and taking us to today reminding … Continue reading

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The PLSA should not ignore its customers.

Typical fuel bill £2800 a year from October is A third of state pension 58% of DLA/PIP for disabled people 70% of Universal Credit for single adult 88% of UC for single <25 adult 17% of net pay from full … Continue reading

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Regulators feed back on VFM – in the shadow of the dashboard.

UK #pension regulators publish a joint statement on how to drive value-for-money in DC pension plans, the most popular retirement accounts in the UK. — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) May 24, 2022 The Pensions Regulator and the FCA have produced … Continue reading

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Not much sun shine on the Elizabeth Line

Lord Mayor &co at Elizabeth Line’s Farringdon Station discussing why you can’t buy an extension ticket to Slough on the premises! — Henry Tapper (@henryhtapper) May 24, 2022 Well I made through the rain to the Elizabeth Line (Farringdon) … Continue reading

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Kirk is laughing in our po-faces ; and he’s infuriating!

Cat Rutter-Pooley captures HSBC’s the embarrassment of Stuart Kirk’s 16 minute rant at a recent  event There is a narrow problem here for the bank, about who knew how much about the talk and what their response was. The best-case … Continue reading

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HSBC’s Stuart Kirk – hero or villain?

   Stuart Kirk is smart. If you watch the video (and it is essential viewing for anyone thinking about the climate risk in their investments), you will see how smart he is. Stuart Kirk is also media smart, he … Continue reading

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Bear Markets should make you greedy – Ethan Wu

  Below is today’s email I got from the FT’s unhedged service. Normally it’s written by gnarled veteran Robert Armstrong, but he is sick, so Batman gives way to Robin in the form of Ethan Wu, who I find wonderfully … Continue reading

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Blogger blocked by nature’s call

  After nearly 300 days of blogging, I set off with high hopes of sharing a weekend on the River Thames with my long-suffering readers. I was foiled by logistics and did not publish a blog over the weekend. This … Continue reading

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Vaccines. variants, treatments and data – C19 ARG

                                                                                                                Latest Report: Issue 67  By: John Roberts, Adele Groyer, Matt Fletcher and Dan Ryan COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group – Learn. Share. Educate. Influence.  COVID-19 remains an important health topic for scientific papers and articles. The COVID-19 Actuaries Response … Continue reading

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