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Has the hardest nastiest problem in finance just got a little easier?

I enjoyed reading this serious and sensible argument by Steven Lowe of “Just”.  I suspect that most financial advisers reading it will conclude, as I do, that planning an income for the final years of someone’s life is so fraught that (if … Continue reading

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With value for money – figures speak louder than words.

The pen may be mightier than the sword but the spreadsheet trumps both. Last week, JLT published some projections which showed that if the performance differential between lousy and top pension providers continued – you’d be able to buy a … Continue reading

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Postmen want to strike – is it any wonder?

Maybe it’s because they’ve been reading the FCA’s report on Retirement Outcomes. Maybe the FCA have been talking with them. Either way, the 140,000 postal workers in the Royal Mail scheme don’t want a pension when they pack up their … Continue reading

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This market failure’s not about advice but product.

  The FCA paper on structural problems with the pension freedoms that I wrote about yesterday, is the first evidence of Government admitting all in this garden is not rosy. What has happened since 2015 is an increase in people hammering … Continue reading

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Why I’m scared of wealth managers

This blog’s written for the advisory community, but if – like me – you are considered a target for wealth management – you might want to read it too.   Consumers approaching the tipping point from saving to spending their … Continue reading

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Property , liquidity and the merit of doing nothing

News that Standard Life , M&G (the Pru) and Aviva have put up the shutters on their property funds is dominating the headlines. We are used to being able to move our money around the market with “impunity”. I put … Continue reading

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SMEs pay for pension advice -but not to IFAs

One of the oddest aspects of auto-enrolment is the disappearance of the IFA. There are exceptions of course but when it comes to the core enterprise of the IFA, advising , implementing and nurturing workplace pensions, the IFA is nowhere … Continue reading

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60% of UK wealth manager’s customers getting “unsuitable advice”?!?

This arrives in an email from my friend Per Andelius. It refers to the FCA thematic review that can be found here. It’s a brilliantly written article and if anyone knows its source, please send it me, as I would … Continue reading

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The frictionless fees that shame our name!

I have been following at a polite distance the argument among financial advisers between those pressing for fee disclosure in pounds and pence and those who would prefer to charge and disclose advisor fees as a percentage of the fund. … Continue reading

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Boring money.

Yesterday , financial journalist and founder of the Platforum Holly Mackay, launched a new company “Boring Money”. I like that phrase, work is boring, money is boring- there is a natural synergy there. It’s not done to talk about either in interesting … Continue reading

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