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“Is that all there is?” Doctor’s reaction to yesterday’s NHS pension solutions

Yesterday , Therese Coffey, new to post and sharing her duties as Minister for Health with her being Deputy Prime Minister, laid out her plans to get the NHS back on its feet. We know from the work of the … Continue reading

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So what’s unfair about a Pension Wealth Tax?

In this article I argue that any tax increases levied on the rich are ok by me, and I’m rich. The bias of vested interest The vast majority of people get tax relief on their pension contributions. Some people are excluded by … Continue reading

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A soft centered budget – (not as sweet as it sounded).

Sterling’s a great indicator of how experts really see a budget and yesterday Sterling fell against a basket of major currencies. We may have liked our sugar tax and our Lifetime ISA but the pound fell against the dollar and … Continue reading

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Pensioning high-earners;- the nightmare deepens

We’ve known about the problems for high earners losing their pension  lifetime allowance protection for some time. They now have an exemption from auto-enrolment if their employer knows that enrolment would jeopardise their tax privileges in retirement. But now there’s … Continue reading

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Scrap the LifeTime Allowance – for hard working people!

The Conservatives say they want to reward hard working people. I’d like to thing they include me in that number. They want to appoint Ros Altmann to help us educate ourselves in finances, I’d like to think I’ve been educating … Continue reading

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Why Osborne’s so wrong to cap our pension ambition.

I wanted to know the amount I would earn if I started on £25,000 when I was 25 and got steady wage rises of 5% pa till I was 65. The answer, according to this little modeller , is just over … Continue reading

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The Treasury – the office of pension irresponsibility

The Treasury should be renamed the office of pension irresponsibility. It wants to milk pensions as the “new banks” and is acting as the political wing of the housing market. It talks fiscal prudence while pushing the bribes of March. For … Continue reading

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Is he mad in the Ed? -Another great guest blog from Ralph Frank

Ed Miliband’s recent proposal to cut the Lifetime Allowance (“LA”) for pension savings from £1.25 million to £1 million would deal a further blow to encouraging private pension provision, if implemented. The LA is, in my opinion, a flawed tool … Continue reading

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