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CDC – with-profits in disguise?

Michael Johnson, who I’ve a lot of time for, has asked me two questions. Why is it not possible to provide the attributes of a CDC scheme through a With Profits fund, set in the context of an occupational scheme … Continue reading

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Why Osborne’s so wrong to cap our pension ambition.

I wanted to know the amount I would earn if I started on £25,000 when I was 25 and got steady wage rises of 5% pa till I was 65. The answer, according to this little modeller , is just over … Continue reading

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Defined Ambition – the way to properly sort UK pensions

Defined  ambition is no more or less than  this; it is  a way of turning round systemic problems with our pensions. For DB it is about salvaging something from the wreckage created by the unfettered growth in guaranteed benefits that … Continue reading

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