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As for saving- our kids could be teaching us!

  The punters just do not want what the pensions industry is trying to sell them   These are the words of the financial editor of the Evening Standard, Anthony Hilton. Hilton expresses his frustration not at the public but … Continue reading

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“I’m pretty sure my client has a pension issue..”

  This is as close as I can get to a verbatim conversation I had on the phone with the head of a small practice of accountants yesterday-it is edited to concentrate on the core issue she had – what … Continue reading

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Friends of CDC calls for action! – our letter in the Times

  This letter appears in this morning’s edition of the Times Dear Sir, We all deserve access to pension products that provide us with better and more certain outcomes. Other European countries encourage private pension systems which are far more efficient … Continue reading

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Do I need a TV anymore?

    Other than for the prurience of watching Tina’s come uppance on Corrie. I have not engaged with terrestrial TV for some time. Phone and laptop in hand I have found all I needed on the Monaco Grand Prix, … Continue reading

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“Spending on retirement” or “saving for old age”?

If we invest in our business, we call it capital spending. If we invest in our retirement, we call it “saving for old age”. I regard capital expenditure as a positive investment in our capacity to pay salaries and dividends … Continue reading

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Matisse cut-outs

If you can get a ticket for the Matisse “cut-out” exhibition at the Tate Modern – go! There have been two shows at this gallery that have moved me beyond words- one was the Rothko retrospective some five years ago- … Continue reading

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“To and through retirement” – turning our savings into pension.

  Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s the new buzz phrase, direct from the US of A. “To and through” retirement strategies simply lengthen the horizons of the investment managers from an arbitrary end point – (the fixed or selected retirement age), to … Continue reading

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What we’re learning from the Wealth and Assets Survey

The Office of National Statistics has published wave 3 of their Wealth and Assets Survey You can download it here The report ignores the value of state benefits. Bearing in mind it would currently cost around £180,000 to buy a … Continue reading

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Advisory mastertrusts? – Nein Danke!

  There are now over 70 master trusts in the UK.  Everyone agrees that most are and will remain sub-scale. This is a concern to a risk-based Pensions Regulator and to others keen to restore public confidence in pensions. The … Continue reading

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Vertically integrated mastertrusts? – “my arse!”

  Pardon my Scouse! I throw Mick Royle at Mercer’s master trust (and the incipient Aon Hewitt master trust). “Vertical integration” is where the supply chain of a company is owned by that company. Mercer have set up a master trust where they … Continue reading

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