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Should the tax-payer subsidise the cost of vertically integrated advice?

  The cost of pensions tax-relief is likely to be a burning issue in the months ahead. The tax-payer is supposed to incentivise good behavior. Pre-funding retirement income leads to self-sufficiency and independence on younger generations in later life. That’s … Continue reading

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Advisory mastertrusts? – Nein Danke!

  There are now over 70 master trusts in the UK.  Everyone agrees that most are and will remain sub-scale. This is a concern to a risk-based Pensions Regulator and to others keen to restore public confidence in pensions. The … Continue reading

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Vertically integrated mastertrusts? – “my arse!”

  Pardon my Scouse! I throw Mick Royle at Mercer’s master trust (and the incipient Aon Hewitt master trust). “Vertical integration” is where the supply chain of a company is owned by that company. Mercer have set up a master trust where they … Continue reading

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