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Whitbread – you must pay up on the Government’s pension promise

This blog calls on Whitbread to pay the incentive outstanding to many of their staff before the sale of Costa to Coca Cola. If Whitbread refuses to do so, the Pensions Regulator should block the sale. If Whitbread wants to … Continue reading

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How small schemes can win (with no surrender)!

I’m listening to Bruce Springsteen – “no retreat, baby no surrender” A useful note about “the consolidation opportunity” sits in my inbox. It’s from Con Keating who had been studying the ONS data on how pension schemes invest their money.  He … Continue reading

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NOW – for something completely different.

Amid all the noise of auto-enrolment , one master trusts has put its head down and got on with mending a damaged reputation by hard work and through decent behaviour. I’m talking about NOW pensions. NOW was set up by … Continue reading

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Asleep at the wheel on net pay – and they want to drive the bus!

The PLSA are making a fuss about SMEs. Small Business Saturday tells me that my small business can get its help – and it’s just round the corner! But I am not convinced, since the launch of Pension Solutions, its … Continue reading

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Making “PLSA” more than a name-change.

“What’s the point of disruption?” This is the kind of exam question that I’d love to answer. Just sit me down in some massive gymnasium with a pen and paper and I’d hand you back 2000 words an hour later which … Continue reading

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Advisory mastertrusts? – Nein Danke!

  There are now over 70 master trusts in the UK.  Everyone agrees that most are and will remain sub-scale. This is a concern to a risk-based Pensions Regulator and to others keen to restore public confidence in pensions. The … Continue reading

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We have scotch’d the snake not killed it – three years to sort out hidden charges

  We have scotch’d the snake, not kill’d it: She’ll close and be herself, whilst our poor malice Remains in danger of her former tooth. Macbeth Act 3 Scene 2   Of all the vested interest groups, the fund managers … Continue reading

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Who speaks for workplace pensions?

So howabout PQM lite- something that smaller employers can aspire to? Continue reading

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No win no fee – one way to clean up asset management

I met yesterday with a Swiss firm whose business is to reduce the investment costs for large investors (typically with €500m +). The model is simple, no retainer – they receive 50% of the savings from their work. They are a … Continue reading

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NEST Insight; what the 11m+ “unpensioned” think.

NEST has produced a chunky report that “takes the temperature of automatic enrolment”. This promises to be the first of a series and as the first has five years of accumulated insights to lay before us. I thoroughly recommend it … Continue reading

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