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Ros Altmann on Pension Stripping (and much more)

I have resisted commenting so far, but feel that, having been at the helm of the ‘Stripped of our Pensions’ campaign to get Government to compensate people who lost their entire pension after a lifetime of contributions and successive official … Continue reading

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Is the UK institutionally ageist?

This week we hear that numbers in England and Wales dying in care homes is exceeding those in hospital. In March Government told these homes the risk of death in homes was “most unlikely”. How did it come to this? … Continue reading

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Ros is right – birthday card’s get read – and so does she.

Plenty of us have been thinking about how to make that annual statement that we get about our pensions stick in our minds, so that we understand what we have. One person speaks to and for the nation on pensions … Continue reading

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“Scrap the taper?” Hopes dashed.

Hopes now dashed for an update on the tapered annual allowance review, which was anticipated in the Budget. — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) October 24, 2019 Sky and BBC agree Govt cancels the Budget —— Treasury source says: “Parliament has … Continue reading

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Whitbread – you must pay up on the Government’s pension promise

This blog calls on Whitbread to pay the incentive outstanding to many of their staff before the sale of Costa to Coca Cola. If Whitbread refuses to do so, the Pensions Regulator should block the sale. If Whitbread wants to … Continue reading

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Heard of th’internet? Here’s Blockchain!

  You remember what it was like in the early nineties when we started learning how to use a mouse and send emails? Do you remember searching on Yahoo? Do you remember being told that one day we would buy … Continue reading

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Why Philip Green’s “rights” are so wrong!

Philip Green (rights and wrongs) If you want an insight into the world of Philip Green, try this article which is free (despite the Sunday Times’ paywall). Even with PPF compensation, the 20,000 BHS pension scheme members will lose out, receiving … Continue reading

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Ros Altmann’s got her mojo working!

This article is best read to the sound of Muddy Waters 1966 version of “I got my mojo working”, if you aren’t in the quiet carriage, click on the video at the bottom and enjoy your next three minutes. Many … Continue reading

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NEST takes the strain.

NEST have something to shout about and it’s not news. Like good background music, they’ve succeeded in being there but not getting noticed. They’ve gone about their business over the last three months increasing their participating employers from 40 to … Continue reading

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The circular firing squad

As civil servants in the DWP enter their building in Westminster this morning , they’ll be walking into an atmosphere that makes the Thick of It look like Play School. A new Secretary of State, Stephen Crabb is in place. … Continue reading

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